Elaine is our newest Japanese silicone doll model, buy online now!

Elaine is our newest Japanese silicone doll model, buy online now!

Increasing technological advances are making artificial silicone sexual companions like Elaine more realistic

There is a great alternative to finding a partner when it comes to finding a partner for the opposite sex. At lovelovedolls we deliver and sell the highest quality real love dolls with discreet shipping worldwide.

Our newest girl Elaine is Japanese and is a silicone sex doll with beautiful model looks, beautifully made with movable limbs [full skeleton]. Elaine's skin feels smooth and soft, hands and feet are manicured with nail polish, and has internal wires for flexibility. Elaine has removable vagina and anus for easy cleaning or fixed vagina and anus, you choose. Not like the cheap bubble dolls where the detachable parts are made of rubber which deteriorates over time. Elaine comes with a wig, clothes, belly ring, hairbrush and a heating rod to warm her up before use.

Editha 132cm High Quality Sexy TPE Body & Silicone Head Real Dolls

Our designs of a real sex doll offer a variety of
Options including faces, hairstyles, eye colors, lips, body tones, and nipples. Basically, we can create a realistic sex doll that will fulfill your sexual desires.

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