Everything you need to know about TPE sex dolls

Everything you need to know about TPE sex dolls

Are we considering a TPE sex doll but not quite sure what that means? TPE dolls - often less expensive and different than silicone - can be the perfect choice but require special preparation and care. Uneducated owners often make costly mistakes that lead to the early deterioration of their TPE doll.
It's good to have a general knowledge of love dolls before we get into the specifics. Here is our introduction to sex dolls.

What is TPE?

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer. It's essentially a blend of different polymers, so there are a lot of slight variations. TPE is made by blending these polymers with thermoplastic properties with rubber, giving the blend the elasticity and bounce we love.

TPE has become a very popular material outside of the world of sex dolls - it's used in the manufacture of various everyday items, including handles, vanity cases and shoe soles. One of the reasons for its popularity is that injection molding techniques can be used with TPE, but with a flexible, rubbery consistency. This manufacturing process is very cost effective and allows for high quality products at lower prices.

Many people think that TPE dolls are of inferior quality only because of the low price. That's just not true. The downsides are related to increased maintenance, not the build itself. TPE dolls have a very pleasant feel that can sometimes be even softer than silicone.

The main characteristics of TPE are:


Care of a TPE love doll

Before purchasing a TPE doll, it is important to understand all the steps required for proper maintenance and care. For some, the extra time is a turnoff to owning a TPE model. For others, the bathing and powdering processes only add to the intimacy.

Here are our thoughts on TPE vs silicone dolls.

bushing and bathing their dolls
Unlike a new car, the "new TPE scent" is not particularly pleasant. When you first receive your doll, you should share a shower or bath once (and regularly thereafter).

Here are our complete sex doll cleaning and maintenance guides. Some special features for TPE:
Do not use hot water when bathing TPE dolls. This can damage the skin and cause essential oils to be excreted.

Water in a TPE anime sex doll means rust, mold or other damage. Make sure you unscrew the head and cover the neck before bathing.

Do not submerge the head of your TPE love dolls as doll hair and makeup are not designed to be soaked.

Remember TPE dolls can be heavy - softer skin + gravity during showering can mean damaged feet. Make sure you have a towel or other soft surface placed under your doll when bathing
Gently wash your doll with a mild, antibacterial soap.

Gently dry your doll with a soft towel. See drying your love dolls.
It's best to shower your doll once or twice a month, even if you're not actively having sex.

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TPE Sex Dolsl Skin Treatments

After drying your doll well, it's time to treat her skin. There are only three basic steps, each of which is quite simple:

Baby Oil - TPE dolls need regular massage and oiling to maintain the integrity and quality of their skin. Otherwise they will dry out. For TPE dolls, choose an oil with liquid paraffin, sometimes referred to as paraffinum liquidum. You can find detailed instructions here, oiling your TPE sex dolls.

Vaseline - Stress areas like elbows, armpits, inner thighs, around the chest and near anal and vaginal cavities require extra love. Apply Vaseline generously and leave to dry overnight.

Baby powder or cornstarch - TPE skin is always a bit sticky, so it attracts wig hair and lint. To avoid this, apply baby powder all over.

Just tap and rub - you'll feel the difference immediately. You can also apply it with the makeup brush. Although your doll's skin will feel nice after touching it, this step isn't just about comfort. This keeps the skin longer.
Unlike bathing your doll, the doll should not be oiled more than once a month. The pulverization can be carried out as often as you like.

Clean your TPE doll after sex

After you've had sex with your doll, you need to clean the cavity you're using. Don't forget to soap, rinse and dry the anal and vaginal cavities. There are many ways to do this, all detailed in our Orifice Cleaning instructions.

What to consider before buying a TPE doll

TPE doll prices
Before you order your TPE doll, check the price. If you're not exactly bundling with cash and not sure if these dolls are a good fit for you, you probably need to go for the cheapest one. Note that a TPE doll can last for years. Therefore, you should definitely wait to be able to afford the model you want. Better understanding of sex doll prices here.

Before you buy your doll, check that the weight is manageable. Lifting a human who weighs 50 or 60 kg might be easy, but lifting a doll that weighs 30 kg can be much more difficult. This is because lifting live weight is very different from lifting dead weight. If you are holding a human, he or she will automatically assist by pulling itself around their body to be carried. A doll cannot do that.

It takes some time to get used to lifting and carrying your TPE love dolls. With practice, you'll find a technique that suits you - but at first you'll likely be stunned by the sheer weight of the puppet. Many people buying sex dolls for the first time report that dead weight is one of their least welcome surprises.
Before ordering a TPE doll, check the manufacturer's website to see how heavy it is and try to lift a similar weight. You need to get an idea of ​​what dead weight feels like and if you can move it comfortably.

standing foot
Most TPE dolls have a "standing foot" option during the selection process. By modifying the soles of your doll's feet, she can stand up unaided. This add-on can be incredibly handy (and a must-have for many doll owners). In general, the only reason not to walk standing feet is if you have a foot fetish and don't want to see studs.

If dolls can stand up, they can be dressed, showered, posed and stored more easily. If you're short on space, the standing option is a great way to keep a doll in a closet without a hook.

When your doll arrives, you must be at home to sign for the package. Dolls usually arrive in a large box or crate. Some potential owners call the shipping company and ask them to hold the package so they can collect it in peace - an easy way to avoid nosy neighbors.

If you choose this route, make sure you have asked your doll retailer for the exact dimensions of the box the doll will come in. Then measure the back seat or trunk of your car. These packs can be quite cumbersome and difficult to carry alone. So it's best to prepare - this is a box you won't want to put down.

One of the most common problems when buying a sex doll or robot online is scams. Check out our supplier list here!

To ensure your TPE doll is absolutely perfect, you should choose a supplier who will go the extra mile. Most providers don't show you all the options available because there are so many. These options can be fine-grained, e.g. B. beauty marks, or apply color to the vagina or nipples. Before ordering your TPE Love Dolls, consider all the options and additional features and contact your retailer directly if you have any questions.

Buying from scam sites usually means disappointed owners. You will end up with cheap knockoff dolls that quickly disintegrate, another type of doll or the worst: nothing. You have been warned!

Preparing for your TPE doll

Buying a TPE doll is exciting, but the wait can be excruciating. In general, it takes a few weeks to a few months for a sex doll or robot to arrive, depending on where the customer is located and how that country's customs react to sex toys. There are some things you can buy while waiting to be prepared:

baby oil
Regular oiling is a prerequisite for the maintenance of TPE sex dolls. The best type of baby oil for doll care includes liquid paraffin, sometimes referred to as paraffinum liquidum. It is a highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and for medicinal purposes.

Another important point for treating your TPE doll's dry skin.

renewal powder
If you want your doll's skin to be smooth and not sticky, you should apply baby powder (talcum powder) regularly. Cornstarch will do, too, but baby powder smells a lot better.

Water based lubricant
If you love your doll, lube is a necessity. See our thoughts on sex doll lubes here.

The biggest twist is a beautiful doll that smells like rubber. Get a perfume with a scent you love, but be careful! Do not apply perfume directly to a sex doll's skin as this could be caused by alcohol. Put perfume on a doll wig instead.

TAPE measuring tape
If you don't already have one and want to dress your doll, be sure to get a measuring tape. Manufacturers often do not offer all the dimensional adjustments that an owner may need, e.g. B. Leg length or bra size. Here is our advice on measuring a sex doll.

Hair & Accessories
Get your doll a hairbrush and a selection of wigs to change up her look regularly! If you end up developing a surplus of wigs, a wig stand is probably better than the bottom of a drawer. Additionally, hair ties and bobby pins can make your doll's hair changeable.

Makeup & Accessories
Powder-based makeup is perfectly safe for TPE dolls. Choose an assortment of basic powder makeup and a makeup brush. Note: Dolls are usually already provided with "factory makeup". Assuming they don't submerge your doll's head and wash it off. Many owners choose to only change the doll's lipstick or lip gloss.

The only jewelry to hold back until the doll arrives is buying rings, as you must first measure the circumference of the fingers.

Clothing is the hardest part of outfitting a new doll. Make sure you purchase the correct sizes as you cannot bring your doll with you when you go shopping. Most of your doll's measurements are available on the manufacturer's website or come with the shipping box. If you are unsure, wait for your doll to arrive before purchasing any clothes.

If you don't want your TPE doll to be barefoot all the time, you can purchase a selection of shoes beforehand. The length of the feet of the doll you have chosen should be available on the manufacturer's website. If you are unsure of the shoe size, ask the seller.

Choosing the clothes of a TPE sex doll
Clothing choices are a part of doll ownership that many love! If your doll has a lighter skin tone, be sure to avoid dark pigments when purchasing your first few clothes as they can stain. Thoroughly wash newly purchased clothing and avoid leather and skin-based dyed materials as these can also stain. Do not dress your doll in very tight clothing for long periods of time - this can cause wrinkles in the skin. Over time, many wrinkles will disappear... but bad ones can stay forever.

Some owners who prefer really dark clothing for their lighter skinned dolls choose to use tan or white stockings underneath and dress over them. This can create a nice barrier between your sex doll's clothing and skis, but keep in mind that cheaper clothing can stain, even through stockings.
If you're looking to purchase a full wardrobe for your doll, you should first invest in a "TPE test piece". You can get this from most TPE doll retailers. This test piece will test the stain potential of the clothing you have purchased for your doll. It's usually just a simple, flat square of TPE material.

To test a TPE test piece, cover it with clothes and let the pair stand for about 12 hours. Then remove everything from the piece and check for stains. If you find stains, you should wash the laundry a few times and test again. If they no longer stain, they are probably safe for your doll.

Dressing a TPE sex doll
Be patient and gentle. It doesn't matter if the clothes are a bit tight or complicated - TPE dolls have delicate skin that is easily damaged.

Powder your doll before dressing her. Clothing becomes lighter and scratches are minimized.

When putting on shirts and sweaters, don't raise your arms straight over your head. They will eventually wear down the armpit skin and cause tears.

Be careful with your fingers when tightening the sleeves. TPE dolls generally have wire "bones" in their fingertips. If you're rough, they can break.

TPE toes are floppy, so be careful when putting socks on.

TPE + silicone = danger

If you already own one or more silicone material dolls, sex toys or other silicone items and want to try a TPE doll, make sure to keep them separate! Silicone and TPE react violently with each other when they come into contact.

Keep this in mind when buying accessories for your TPE sex doll. Silicone is not a safe option.

TPE glue
If you tear your TPE doll's skin a bit, you can order TPE glue from most legitimate suppliers that sell TPE dolls. Be careful though - TPE glue actually corrodes TPE skin to bond them together. When used incorrectly, TPE adhesive can be more destructive than helpful.

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