Exercises that can increase the time of sex

Exercises that can increase the time of sex

Everyone on this planet must have asked this question many times. Everyone is different and everyone has different reasons for staying in bed longer. Some people want to enjoy better sex for longer, while others want to be better lovers. If you've always had the same idea, then you need to read on.

Here we have some tips for the longer lovemaking with hyper realistic sex doll, so that you stay in bed longer and ultimately make your lover happy.

Sex is a skill

What's the only place a man is marked final? The answer is: the bedroom. Sex is a beautiful thing that can create a bond between two people in a relationship. You want your girlfriend/wife/or date to rate you as the best sex partner. Many people say that most women don't have enough patience while men need to be pros to stay in bed longer. There is no shortcut to increasing your stamina. However, you should note the following
Know your limits and try to push them.

Experience a stronger orgasm.

Try different exercises to increase time in bed.

So, what exercises should you choose to achieve better endurance? Let's start listing them.

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Kegel exercise

Kegel exercises are one of the most effective sexual exercises, especially for men. It can regulate your PC (pubococcygeus muscle). PC muscles are muscles that help you stop the flow of urine in the middle. Kegel exercises can strengthen pelvic muscles and get better sex. You can do Kegel exercises to delay ejaculation.

What you need to do is stop the flow of urine when you go to the bathroom. It makes you familiar with your pubic bone muscles. After that, squeeze your PC muscles and start doing Kegel exercises. Hold for 10 seconds, relax, breathe deeply, and repeat as much as you can before you get tired.


If you want to enrich your sex life by increasing stamina, you should try yoga. It allows your body to bend into different creative positions and have the ultimate pleasure in sex. In short, it makes you more flexible. Various yoga poses can improve your pelvic muscles, such as mountain pose, chair pose, happy baby, grasshopper pose and so on.

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