Four tips to make your sex doll easier to care for

Four tips to make your sex doll easier to care for

Here are four sex doll cleaning tips

Sex dolls are like well-known sex toys with three usable holes: mouth, vagina and anus. Human skin or fluid generated during sex attracts bacteria to these areas, so a proper cleaning procedure is a must.
Today's article covers four cleaning tips to apply to your dolls today.

1.) Always use soapy water

Body soap or hand soap is mild on TPE and silicone and will not damage the materials of the real dolls. Also, you should thoroughly apply it to the usable holes and then rinse with warm or cold water. (Caution: DO NOT use hot water as it will dissolve the TPE materials and thus may leave a hole in the doll's body).

2. ) Never use alcohol wipes or alcohol on the dolls skin
We use alcohol a lot, probably due to COVID-19, but it is NOT suitable to clean or disinfect your doll, so using water and baby soap is sufficient.

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3. ) Always keep your doll dry and use baby or talcum powder
tpe sex doll are easy to shape, especially at the usable holes. Therefore, after you have cleaned your dolls with water, dry them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth and a drying stick on the usable areas. After drying, use baby powder or talcum powder to keep your doll's skin dry.

4.) Wear a pair of waterproof socks to prevent water from entering the dolls.
It is typical of standing feet, which allows water to flow into the doll's body. The solution is to wear a pair of waterproof socks and.
Here are four tips to keep your love doll clean, dry and comfortable to play with.

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