How can I effectively store my love dolls?

How can I effectively store my love dolls?

You want to know how a storage doll can best protect the sex doll. To be honest, there is no perfect way to store your love dolls. How you store your doll depends on your convenience. Some people have enough space under their bed, they prefer to put the doll in the box and press down. Others like to hang the love dolls vertically in the closet. This blog section will take a few minutes.

When storing your love or sex doll, it is best to secure the doll to the doll inside the box with a soft protective blanket. If you want, you can also buy a clear or white plastic cover to cover your wedding dress or suit. Avoid black or dark covers as they can contaminate your love doll. You can wrap your head or cover it with a white bag on your head.

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It is also important to protect the skin surface of your realistic sex doll. You can use 100% natural muslim cotton dust bags. These file quality dust bags are made specifically for our dolls. The same materials are used to protect valuable artefacts from museums around the world. The dust bag wraps your silicone dolls 360° without gravity, protecting them from dust, light, moisture and pollutants while providing discretion and privacy.

You can also store it in the closet. If you don't have closet space, you can buy a nice industrial style rack online, made up of heavy pipes with a beautiful dark gray finish. Sturdy and sturdy, assembly is easy and includes four casters (2 locks, 2 non-locking casters) plus extra space for dolls or hanging clothes and accessories.

How to store sex dolls? The best way is to lie down or hang up. Some people also found that standing up to carry a doll is more persuasive. Carrying your love doll upright around your neck will make it easier for you to pull up her pants. Although there are many ways to store your doll if you want to hang her vertically without breaking your bench, this is one idea on how to store your doll.

You can also keep your sex dolls flat: little rests on top of the doll. You can't leave the doll on the hard level. Be it leaving love dolls on the bed, in storage boxes or even on the floor. Remember to put a pillow under the sex doll. To avoid the curvature of the back, deform and flatten due to prolonged periods. The term is compressed by weight. Sex dolls in particular are made by TPE. When the body is deformed. It will never bounce again. Please avoid this situation.

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