How do I use a love doll?

How do I use a love doll?

If you simply bought a sex doll, congratulations. You have created a good investment. A sex doll offers companionship, sexual satisfaction, and even adds spice to your relationships. A sex doll doesn't care about your job, your car, your looks, or the contents of your notes. They are always up for some honest time and can never choose you for your fantasies or your hangups.

Now to the most important factor in life of all. This can be a huge investment. You even went into debt to buy your doll. we want to be positive that you are getting the most out of your investment. To help you with this, we have created this user guide. Here we present everything you want to know about your love dolls, how to convince them, and how to bring the primary joy in your new relationship.

First things but first! If you haven't created an acquisition yet, try our sex doll buying guide. It's all the knowledge you want to choose the right companion for. Get the right doll for your lifestyle and personal preferences, and you're already off to a good start.

Unboxing pick up your sex dolls

The day is finally here! After a few weeks, you've probably done your analysis, you've found the most effective sex doll store online, and you've found the doll of your dreams. This may be the lady you have been seeing in your fantasies and she has finally arrived. You've tracked her movements around the world, from our manufacturing facility to the shipping facility, and currently she's at your door.

You can hardly contain your excitement after seeing the box on your construction. You hardly notice the delivery person, and your hand trembles slightly when you sign the package. All your thoughts are on the box, and even a lot of what's inside. Hold on, hold your cowboy! There is one more important step before you put your new lover to sleep. You want to make sure you take it out and assemble it properly.

Step 1: Carefully transport the package to an area of ​​your home with a lot of storage space.

One factor that surprises many people once they receive their sex doll is the package is serious. Most life size sex dolls weigh between fifty and seventy pounds and the total packaging weight! Your absolutely pre-packaged sex doll can presumably weigh up to eighty pounds when it arrives. If you are disabled, elderly, or entering a fifth floor apartment, be prepared for how your visit will move this package. A detailed friend is also an honest helper, otherwise give a tip to the delivery person to help you.

A room with a smart amount of floor can be a good place to remove your sex doll as you need to put her apartment in the cluster next to the box.

Step 2: Using a box cutter, knife, etc., open the package along the seams.

Once the package is placed on the floor in your selection area, cut the ribbon at the highest edges of the box to open it. Be careful not to go too deep with the knife as you don't have to risk severing your new favorite sex partner. If you cut the packing tape at the seams, the box can open very much like a coffin.

157cm Wheat Skin Enchanting Isabelle Silicone Tpe Doll

Step 3: wash your hands!

Now that your new sex doll is ready to be taken out of its box, there's no need to smudge or mark her flawless skin with those dirty hands! Wash your gloves thoroughly before touching the sex doll.

Step 4: Remove the top of your new sex doll

A spherical ball of packing foam rests on the upper thighs of your sex doll. This can be the top of your new love dolls. carefully take the foam packaging and take the top of the bag. Please fill up the sex doll head on the floor next to the box. You'll get to that later, once you've got the corpse out.

Tip: Save the bag to store the top when you are no longer using it.

Step 5: Take out the other accessories from the box

Accessories such as wear and tear, a storage system in the closet and improvement tools are often found in the packaging. take all these things out of the box and put them aside. Once this step remains in the box, the doll's body, and therefore the blanket it is resting on, must lie.

Step 6: Use scissors to remove the foam from the doll's body

It is important to pay attention to this half. This video shows exactly, however you will need to remove the foam from the doll's body.

Step 7: Lift the doll out of the box with the blanket

Wrap your arms around the doll and blanket and lift her out of the box by gently laying her on the floor.

Step 8: Attach the top to your new sex doll and place it on the wig

Congratulations! You are done unpacking your sex dolls!

make love to your doll

If you came to investigate the most event, here it is. Although there are some exceptions, most of our customers buy these dolls for realistic, sexual companionship. They are designed for this purpose and will surely bring you a lot of enjoyment and excitement. The secret is that you stick to a few tried and tested methods so that you have tremendous expertise and your sex doll will be there for you for years to come.

Vaginal sex together with your doll

This is one of the main ways people can enjoy their silicone dolls. Every female sex doll that we want to sell has a totally useful channel. For some of our dolls you have the choice of a detachable or mounted channel. We tend to show the depth of each epithelial duct hole in a doll on our website. Be sure to choose a doll that fits your size.

All our dolls are made of chemical elements or TPE. each is a very realistic feeling. Our vaginas are created for pleasure and are designed to make you feel like you're living with a real human.

The process works much like you imagine. You position the doll as you wish, then penetrate the doll and proceed as usual. The friction and pressure together feels absolutely superb.

We're usually asked if it's okay for men to end up in their dolls. The solution is affirmative. This can be very common and our dolls are designed for this. Later we will go into some details regarding the care of your doll. At this point, half is over.

Lubricants and your sex doll

Most people make choices to use a material so that their sexual experiences are easy and satisfying. If you do this, choose a water-based material forever. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricants will damage your dolls and cause staining.

Apply whatever you're about to penetrate everywhere. just don't go overboard. Trying to use too many things can quickly become sticky and messy. Here can be a bit of a sex doll life tip. If you find that you want a small amount of lube, just add a small amount of heater water instead. This can activate the stuff. Usually you want to continue with your expertise.

There are some people who opt for a drier approach. For this purpose, they commonly use powder. This reduces friction, but creates a completely different sexual.

sex doll storage

Now that your sex doll is assembled and ready for travel, it's time to start thinking about storage. Don't get me wrong! If you're comfortable with your doll hanging outside, we're all for it. Still, the public needs to be a little discreet. This may be the reason why every doll we want to sell comes with a storage kit. You use this to keep your doll in a very tight closet or alternative home while not exploiting her.

Both silicone polymer and TPE are somewhat temperature sensitive. This is one thing to remember after deciding where to store your doll. Your sex doll is fine as long as it is continuously under an affordable temperature variation. However, it may crack or warp under extreme hot or cold conditions. For example, a hot attic with no ventilation or air conditioning is not the best place for your doll in the summer months.

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