How to choose sex doll by height and weight

How to choose sex doll by height and weight

When you browse the product image gallery of an online sex doll store, you probably have your own "life size" standard for adult sex doll sizes in mind. In general, people prefer women who fit their fantasies, which can lead to sexual pleasure. You can just imagine it, but this is for reference only. The height and dimensions of adult sex dolls are still subject to accurate data.

Choosing the right life size sex doll is very important

Maybe you thought it didn't matter when you bought a sex doll, but you will be amazed when the sex doll is actually delivered to your home. Moving and storing large full size sex dolls in bedrooms is a chore. Therefore, it is very important to choose a sex doll of the right size and weight. Think about a few questions before you buy.

The characteristics of the sex doll determine the price budget

In general, the larger and heavier the adult sex doll, the larger its size, the more materials and costs are needed. The most immediate consequence of the impact is the price of sex dolls. And of course the user experience which is the most important thing.

138cm Medium Chest Wheat Sexy Temptation Maca

Choose Your Adult Sex Doll!

Regarding body weight, we advise against buying TPE cheap sex dolls over 170cm as they are too heavy to move. Considering that you need to clean and store it, it would be nice if you bought a sex doll that you can carry easily.

Some of our regular guests can tell if the weight is appropriate based on their height. It is so sweet. Once I got an email and he told me to check one of our product pages and he pointed out that the weight might be wrong. When I checked it we don't have to confirm it, we must have made a mistake. Sometimes when we upload so much sex doll data, there will be some incorrect data. Haha, maybe that's why humans are so fond of replacing humans with robots. Usually they don't go wrong, only when they're broken.


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