How to deal with love doll relationship during the new coronavirus?

How to deal with love doll relationship during the new coronavirus?

Coronavirus - an epidemic that shook the world and destroyed the chaos in the intellectual space around us. Since the first signs of this virus, stress and anxiety have increased around the world. Despite regular conversations and government guidance, most of us are unfamiliar with the nature of this virus, such as how it spreads, the level of contagion, the symptoms one develops and the known cure. For us doll lovers, this information becomes all the more important as China is the largest sex doll manufacturer across the world and is currently the most affected nation due to the coronavirus, also known as the Wuhan virus. Time to learn some facts about this pandemic.

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is a form of virus capable of interacting directly with humans and animals. It is contagious and can spread quickly from person to person. Exchanging physical touches with the infected body is enough to transmit the virus. The first symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to those of a viral flu infection. Frequent cough and cold, running fever, headache, but the most noticeable sign is breathing problems. People who have contracted the disease will experience difficulty breathing along with other problems in their airways. There is currently no sure cure for the virus.

How Can Coronavirus Affect Sex Doll Owners?

We answered this briefly, but that was one of the reasons doll owners should have some level of concern about the virus. As we already know, China is the main victim of the coronavirus outbreak. There have been certain rumors that have gained a lot of momentum mainly because China is the largest center of sex doll production.

The first rumor is that silicone and TPE sex dolls can carry and transmit the COVID-19 virus.

Another rumor arose that the love dolls are no longer manufactured.

If you love realistic sex dolls or own adult dolls, these rumors may have reached you as well. Now you must understand that these senseless fictions are completely unfounded. There is no way a sex doll can be the carrier of this virus. The COVID-19 survives only on living cells of animals and humans. So it cannot hope to survive on an inanimate object like a sex doll. If you are familiar with your sex doll, you will not get sick. The sex doll extinction rumor is also nothing but false rumours. We know that China is currently suffering massive damage from the coronavirus. Many industries and factories have been shut down, but that doesn't mean they will remain closed forever.

It was a temporary closure until the virus is suppressed. This does not mean that the sex doll and other industries will simply be closed. We can already see that China is slowly recovering from its depression. It's only a matter of time before most industries are back in business.

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How do you ensure your sex dolls arrive clean and without Wuhan virus infections?

This one may seem difficult, but we assure you that it is not. Even if the outbreak never happened, it was imperative for doll owners to ensure their adult dolls arrive clean and free of infection. So it's nothing unusual to indulge in. The first and most important step you need to take to ensure a safe doll is to choose a trusted and reputable manufacturer. Do not buy from a love doll brand that looks or seems suspicious. The reputable manufacturers in the industry adequately sterilize their dolls before shipment. This makes the doll safe and protects it from bacteria or other dangerous microbes.

Also, make sure you're buying directly from the manufacturer or from a trusted supplier or e-commerce channel. Play with caution, at least for now. Once your sex doll arrives, you must ensure that it is properly packaged and that the packaging has not been tampered with. Your doll should arrive in properly sealed packaging. You must also verify that the doll comes with its standard covers. Doll manufacturers provide suitable covers to protect the doll. These are usually made of cotton, but can also be supplied in other materials.

Remember, if you have any doubts about your doll's packaging, don't hesitate to ask for a replacement. In these times it is all the more necessary that you comply with all necessary precautions.

How do I disinfect the Love Doll to protect it from COVID-19?

While we know that sex dolls cannot be a carrier of COVID-19, that doesn't mean they're completely safe from the virus. If you are careless with your doll, she may be attacked by the virus. If you live in or around China or have recently traveled to the affected areas, you need to pay special attention to cleaning and disinfecting the doll. Most doll owners have a habit of not cleaning their doll after use, which makes their love doll a good host for various bacteria. This is the first thing you need to pay attention to.

Apply appropriate and efficient cleaning measures with appropriate cleaning agents to clean your love dolls on a regular basis. Especially the vagina, mouth and anus of the doll. You can easily look up the disinfectants on the Internet. Often manufacturers will suggest special disinfectants that are safe on your doll's texture. Try to keep your doll in a clean and dry place to further avoid risk of infection. The storage space should not be damp. A humid environment is a suitable place for dangerous microorganisms to grow and multiply.

Finally, pay attention to the maintenance of the doll. Do not rely on third party service centers as this may pose a risk. Keeping your doll serviced further destroys the chances of your doll contracting viruses.

Tips to protect yourself and your sex doll from coronavirus:

It is not enough just to clean and disinfect your love doll. You need to resort to other important measures. In these trying times, it's better to play alert and keep your senses active. There is a list of precautions you must follow to keep yourself at a safe distance from the coronavirus.

Never lend your doll to anyone. On the other hand, you renounce someone else's doll.
Don't forget to take all disinfecting and cleaning supplies with you if you take your doll with you.
Try not to come into direct contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection.
For now, avoid taking your doll to crowded areas.
Not only your doll, you also have to keep yourself clean. Wash your hands before and after using your doll. Try antiseptic soaps.
These tips will keep you and your doll more or less safe from the clutches of Coronavirus.

Emergency Manikin Essentials for Solo Preppers

As a prepper, you must always be prepared for possible eventualities. At this hour when a major virus outbreak is happening to a large extent, it is just time to take out your survival bag and get all the necessary things for your love doll.

Stockpiling disinfectants and appropriate cleaning supplies should be at the top of your list. These items keep your doll away from viruses or harmful microbes.
Proper doll covers should not be ignored. These covers can be bought online to protect your doll well. Also, try not to cover your adult doll with a regular cloth.
Doll bags are also something not to be missed. It is not advisable to pack your doll in universal bags or boxes
It is recommended to keep a healthy supply of unopened lube or lube. Buy quality lubricants that have not reached their expiration date. The makeup kits, extra wigs and other necessary aesthetic items for your doll cannot be missing.
Last but not least, buying a decent amount of sex doll care kits must be on your list. In this way, you can repair and repair your doll's minor injuries yourself. Keeping your real doll inside can help you avoid infection.
Hopefully this list will give more weight to your love doll preparations in the event of a pandemic.


It may seem difficult, but surviving through a pandemic is not an impossible task. A virus outbreak doesn't mean you have to give up your habits and fantasies. That means you don't have to give up the sex doll. Instead, follow the precautions and advice to protect your doll from Wuhan or other viruses. Most of these precautions we're talking about aren't bothersome or complex at all. Just make sure you buy your doll from a trusted sex doll supplier or manufacturer, clean your doll regularly with proper cleaners and sanitizers, wash your hands before/after using the doll and keep yourself and your doll safe unwanted contact from the outside.

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