How to heat realistic sex dolls?

How to heat realistic sex dolls?

Rising body temperature can make love dolls more realistic

Sometimes when it's cold, it can ruin the feeling of nude sex dolls. Sometimes cold means loneliness, and for some, simply not feeling the cold of the doll makes the experience harder to enjoy. When the sex doll is heated, it creates a more realistic image and generally improves the fidelity of such images.

Many sex doll products have heating functions

A lot of people get these real love dolls because that's the truth, they are real. This means that in some ways they actually feel like a real person, not just a doll. The heat of the doll increases its functionality, which is part of some features, but it's also something you can do, of course. If you are thinking about buying a cheap sex dolls, you will definitely think about it. Built-in Heaters Built-in heaters are a custom option when purchasing TPE sex dolls.

It is designed to heat the insert placed inside, giving you a warm, realistic feeling while having sex with the doll. It cannot fully heat the sex doll, but for areas like the vaginal canal and mouth, this can make the doll feel more real, feel better to you, and improve the overall experience. You may be wondering if this functionality can be built in. The answer is yes, there are built-in heaters that will do the job.

However, there is a caveat that this is a customization option, e.g. B. attaching a voice box to the doll. Therefore, this should be taken into account when looking at the budget you are willing to spend on one of these sex dolls. Some people like the idea of ​​heat. If your sex doll needs to be heated, be sure to indicate this when purchasing the doll. If it is not important to remember, you can also heat it. You can do it yourself, but the blade is actually where the heat is generated.

You should also remember that this is your very own lifelike love doll. If you don't want that, that's perfectly fine. This is your personal role. However, if you do this, you need to pay attention to the price difference between the two, since certain Real Dolls options have to be used and this feature can end up costing you a lot of money. But if you're not the kind of person who doesn't have to worry about money, or if you feel like this is the right option for you, then by all means keep calories in mind.

Body calories are something that many people enjoy. It improves comfort, prevents loneliness, etc. If you feel that you need this extra feature, you should definitely consider a love doll with this feature as it can greatly enhance the feeling of your sexual experience with your sex doll.

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Love dolls can be preheated with electric blankets

You can use an electric blanket for temporary heating for a short time. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the temperature of the blanket when heating. It is recommended not to put blankets on sex dolls for too long. It works, but these electric blankets often make the doll too hot and it's generally not recommended as it can damage the skin if you're not careful. You can use it to warm up for a short time.

You should make sure that the temperature does not exceed 104 degrees, because if the temperature rises, the sex doll's bones may melt and destroy our realistic sex doll. This is a bigger problem with silicones than with TPE. Yes, you can use an electric blanket as a temporary heating solution.

If you're feeling unsafe or overpriced, a warm bath is a great way to warm up your sex doll while you bathe. Care should be taken to keep the water temperature below 104 degrees, because the water temperature above 104 degrees may melt the skin and bones, and if you are not careful, the wear and tear of the sex doll will increase. These dolls are fragile to some extent, so keep that in mind.

Heated sex dolls can help enhance the intimacy of the moment and if you already have sex dolls then you can certainly try them and from there take advantage of heated sex dolls and have fun with it.

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