How to keep the love doll young and beautiful?

How to keep the love doll young and beautiful?

Adult sex dolls age after a period of time. However, there is a solution, so there is an easy solution to this problem. Soft products like proper doll care are important to ensure the long life of a sex doll is always young and beautiful.

They will never age and deform. Therefore, please take care of your love dolls according to the following tips:

· Proper cleaning

Cleaning is very important to ensure no bacteria build up on life size sex doll. Always clean it when using a sex doll. This is basically for your own hygiene. If you have sex with sex dolls that are not cleaned after use, you can get closer to many diseases.

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· Wrinkles or wrinkles

Tight clothing can be the main cause of sexual wrinkles. So don't dress your sex doll with such clothes. Your sex doll will start wrinkling and laying her on a flat surface (because this will make her hips and chest flat rather than long) and the creases will disappear. if

· Wearable silicone dolls

Although you are holding a silicone doll, you may need to be very careful as you may injure the sex doll. Please read all instructions carefully and move the sex doll from one place to another. Because they are realistic, these sex dolls cannot be folded or bent. So be careful with them.

· Storage

end, but at least not. To store sex dolls, you need to be very careful. The materials of artificial dolls are usually very delicate, and exposure of the human body to extreme temperatures can be very harmful to sex dolls. Sex dolls are too hot or too cold to handle. Also make sure the hotel is clean and tidy. Do not leave sex dolls in places where many mice or insects live.

· Danger

Just like you focus on your real partner, you need to be loved and cared for by love dolls. So keep these tips in mind and make sure your sex dolls are as mesmerizing as a beautiful young woman.

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