How to keep your sex doll secretly and safely?

How to keep your sex doll secretly and safely?

Most sex doll owners don't expect anyone to know that there is a sex doll hidden in their room. Unfortunately, since our society tends to taboo things it doesn't know, cheap sex dolls are one of them. These prejudices don't mean that sex dolls are wrong or even weird, people are just not used to them and don't know how to react. In this blog, we will show you how to hide your sex doll from the public at home.

under the bed

The most common hiding place for real dolls is under the bed. This is a private place and few people look at things under the bed like they do in a closet. You can put the doll in a suitable box or suitcase and wrap it in a cotton muslin bag. Of course, you can also put other boxes or items under the bed to lure people to look under your bed.

Flight case for sex dolls

The flight case is the best storage solution for your sex doll. After all, manufacturers know how to store sex dolls without causing any damage or defects. It can protect your sex doll from dust, excessive light, high humidity and other things that might contaminate her. Simply slide your sex doll into the flight case and store it properly.

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In your closet

The sex doll hanger allows you to hang the doll in an upright position without touching the appearance. This requires a hiding spot, such as your closet. You can lock the closet door and no one will know what's inside!

Make sure your closet rod can support the doll's weight. The weight of most full-size dolls without the head still exceeds 25-51 kg. Remember that it is necessary to remove the head in order to hang the body.

Shipping box for love doll

The sex doll will be carefully packaged and delivered in large size, which can be used as a storage box. You need to wrap the sex doll in a soft white blanket (white blanket will not stain the doll) and put it in a box. In general, you can place the box under the bed or in the closet. Please don't forget to put other storage boxes around to avoid mixing of people looking for your belongings.

Tour with lock/ATA package

If you can't keep the doll in the closet, the Tour/ATA box is also one of the best ways to hide the doll. These boxes have wheels, handles and most importantly a lock!

A free room

Simply close and lock the door and any free space (utility room or basement) can be used as a storage room. Few people would guess that you have hidden a cute full size sex doll in the utility room or basement. However, it is quite a challenge to move the entire box from one room to another without anyone seeing or noticing.

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