How to make your Real Doll experience worthwhile

How to make your Real Doll experience worthwhile

After you go out and buy your sex doll for sale, the next step is to prepare your sex doll in a way that you can give yourself an amazing experience. Here are some things that can help improve your sex doll experience.


While the obvious thing to do is to buy some outfits for your real doll, one of the best ways can be to have a realistic experience. Dressing and undressing your doll allows you to build intimacy and make your love dolls seem more real. In addition, by purchasing a variety of outfits, you can experience a variety of fantasies with your doll.


While this requires a little more work than just picking out outfits for your doll, it's something that can make all the difference in your experience. We're not telling you to spend several hours applying makeup to your doll like real girls do, but applying simple water-soluble makeup can really enhance your doll's human likeness.

Hair is another aspect that should be well taken care of. Make sure your doll's hair is clean and brushed to prevent tangles and keep it smooth and silky.

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Warm up your sex dolls

Warming a doll to body temperature is a great way to enhance the pleasure you experience while having sex with your sex doll and it is very easy to achieve. The only need in this case is some warm water. Washing your doll before use is a great way to incorporate this into your process and ensure your doll is as clean as a whistle before use. TPE and silicon materials are also good conductors of heat.

In the event that pre-washing your doll is too complicated, you can also purchase an electric heat tool. These products work very well as they are designed not to overheat and damage your doll.


The power of the human imagination is often overlooked when it comes to having a great experience with your online sex doll. It's amazing how intense sex with your doll can be when you let your imagination run wild. Treat your doll like she's a real girl, lengthen the act and build it up with some foreplay. Learn to appreciate every part of your doll's body, kiss her, play with her breasts and give her oral sex (this also helps raise her body temperature). Don't be afraid to get lost in the moment.

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