How to use a life size love doll?

How to use a life size love doll?

Introduces basic use and enjoyment so you can enjoy raw sensations and excitement.

To get excited about sex dolls, you need to know how to use them properly.

1. Preparation before entering the love doll action

There are many types of love dolls used by inserting a hole.

If it is a one-piece type, it can be combined directly, but if you buy and set the onahole separately, you can enjoy the situation where the female genitals are covered and inserted with the onahole. ..

What are some ways to enjoy a real love doll?

Today's love dolls look, feel and weigh just like real women, so you'll experience varying degrees of arousal and satisfaction through regular masturbation. In addition, you can use not only the vaginal part, but also the mouth (blow) and anus.

2. The use of lotion is real realdolls

Unlike real women, love dolls don't get wet, even if they are good at stroking. To avoid damaging your penis, it is recommended to use a good lotion to avoid excessive frictional resistance.

Love dolls can be used not only for sexual activities but also for sleeping in beds. The True Love Doll realistically reproduces female body lines and can feel like holding a woman even in the dark. Therefore, even if you sleep alone, you will feel comfortable, just like if you sleep with a woman.

3. Therefore, it can be said to be enjoyed by those who want to live with beauty forever and cherish it as a collectible.

Bottom Line: Lying in bed day and night, silicone sex dolls can help relieve stress, but they also help analyze your love life.

Saya-130cm Lively And Sexy Small Adult Doll

If a person uses silicone sex doll to satisfy their senses and fall in love with these things, it is advisable to use them properly. Women also use them to fulfill their deep erotic desires. Remember, love's patience makes her a woman, whether she is a woman or a toy. If you want to enjoy this toy on the market, it is best to consult an expert. Just follow good advice and you will love making toys out of it.

Currently, this doll is in great demand in the international market. You have to admit the important fact that many men use shame to explore the pleasures of love toys. In today's fast-paced world, the growing acceptance of such toys is undeniable. One of the biggest benefits of these toy-loving toys is that they provide a great workout and also provide benefits related to penile health.

4.Alternative foreplay for silicone dolls

You cannot deny that the couple dolls that are sold to you in the market have a purpose for you. That is why manufacturers create them in such a way that non-living objects make people feel like living things.

It is known that such dolls do not have an orgasm, but in the hands of a man create a scene in which he believes that the toy exists.

If your imagination is highly concentrated to fall in love with this toy, you can get verbal or manual stimulation before performing the doll's stabbing action.

You will get real sex and enjoy intimacy with silicone dolls. At the end of the promotion you will not be disappointed with your purchase of this item.

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