How to use sex dolls to have more fun in sex?

How to use sex dolls to have more fun in sex?

Robots are already building our vehicles, cleaning our homes, and preparing our food; Now manufacturers are offering lifelike, moving dolls for "private enjoyment." Sex dolls are essentially cheap realistic sex dolls with complex movements that accurately replicate human movements so they can romp around. Sex dolls are hyper-realistic, with oral, vaginal, and anal openings.

If sex is pleasurable then sex with a sex doll is surely just as great! In the past, people used various sex toys for masturbation. They were only meant to arouse you or masturbate, but they cannot give you a natural feeling of sex. Real love sex dolls, on the other hand, give you absolute sexual pleasure. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from a full, anatomically correct body with beautiful faces to just the torso. Sex dolls, depending on how you use them, can make you feel like you are having sex with a real lady and can help you reach a deep orgasm.

Sex dolls have a deep and fascinating history.

Sex dolls were first made in the 17th century by Dutch sailors who were lonely at sea on long voyages. These masturbation dolls, known as dames de voyage in French and dama de viaje in Spanish, were made from sewn fabrics or discarded clothing and were a direct precursor to today's sex dolls.

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You have to try the positions!

Try these sex positions with your sex doll! You will be out of breath after doing these positions.

1. Taken by surprise

Couples have been trying this pose for years. While your sex doll is in the crouched pose, move behind her. Leaning against a table or bed, grab her by the neck. Dolls can be bent over a bed or table while standing. Her face should be in contact with the bed surface and she should be sitting with her legs bent at the hips. Vaginal or anal penetration or both is possible in this seductive bent over position. As a bonus, you can even dress her up in hot heels. As her butt pulls out, position her in a standing position.


The bedroom is perfectly matched outside and inside, which increases the pleasure of sex.


Using the mattress can be more comfortable.

After long-term use, your doll's knees may become flat. So be careful.

2. Doggy style (standing)

Your sex doll can try this position if you are one of the many men who enjoy their partners standing against a wall and sliding in from behind. Since it is supported and kept upright by the walls, it is preferable to place it in the corners of the room. As she balanced her body against the wall, she spread her arms. Getting in is possible with a little lifting of the right leg.


The best sex positions are in kinky ways, like balconies, showers, and similar places.

For deep penetration, this is the best option.


A big height difference between you and your real dolls can complicate the situation. Extend the doll's legs more when she's taller to allow for better penetration.

3. Using the bucket position

As far as intimacy goes, spooning is probably the most intimate position in all of sex history. You can spoon your doll when she is lying on the bed or when you want to get in a tight position.

You can lay the doll on its side with arms bent forward (remember, she's your little spoon). They can keep their legs bent at a 45 degree angle to support their torso. Lift your leg from the vaginal or anal entrance. To have a smooth and hot penetration when spooning.


You don't have to carry a heavy sex doll. So this is ideal. Your closeness to her makes her angry. There is a great sense of intimacy in the relationship.


When you make love you can't kiss her or look into her beautiful eyes.

4. Magic Mountain Stance

Place your sex doll against a wall or bed and approach the room from behind in the Magic Mountain Pose. There are similarities between this pose and the dog's pose. The only difference is that when entering from behind, the doll has to kneel on the bed surface.

Make your doll kneel on the bed surface and then stand up. To keep her body balanced, raise the sex doll's arms slightly above her head. To keep her from falling while both of you are kneeling, stretch her legs out slightly from behind. Then whether you want to pump slowly or vigorously.

The Magic Mountain Pose is one of the most attractive positions for orgasm.

For those who like hard sex, this is the ideal position.


This position does not offer the same proximity as others.


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