How you can save a lot of money by buying a love doll

How you can save a lot of money by buying a love doll

A recent study conducted by one of the world's leading sex doll manufacturers found that buying a sex doll can save you a lot of money. In fact, you can save up to €3280 per year by purchasing a cheap sex dolls today. Here's how.

1. Money for dating

If you are an average John or Harry like me you spend an average of 5 years of your life browsing dating websites trying to find the perfect life or sex partner. This is a significant number when you consider the average life expectancy of a person around the age of 75. And that doesn't stop there, dating isn't free. If you cumulate the total amount you spend or have spent on different dating sites, the figure comes to more than 20000€. That's a lot of money you've spent just looking for casual games or finding the perfect partner for yourself.

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2. Costly appointments

If you're single and desperate to entertain yourself, you'll need to go out once or twice a month to meet the minimum. If you calculate the average amount of money you have to spend on a date, the cost is €43.50 per date. While this seems like a small amount, the numbers add up over time and sooner than you realize you've spent a bomb without realizing it.

Surprisingly, women spend less on dating than men. While women only spend an average of €34.29 per date, a man spends slightly more than €65.69. If you calculate the total amount you have spent throughout your life, it comes to a whopping €23,660. That's a lot of money even if you have a six-figure income.

All in all, dating is an expensive affair, especially when it needs to be continued for a long period of time. Also, the time and effort that needs to be invested in finding the perfect partner is enormous. All of this and many more relationship problems can be avoided simply by buying a love doll.

A sex doll comes with no or no maintenance and is essentially a one-time investment. So buy one for yourself today!

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