Instructions on how to use TPE Love Doll

Instructions on how to use TPE Love Doll

Please read the user manual carefully before use to ensure correct and safe use.
Real Doll is a product whose use and maintenance is important.
Please handle it with care so that the beauty of the sex doll you buy can last for a long time.

Product description

1. The outer film of this product uses a new type of polymer TPE (hereinafter referred to as TPE), which takes environmental protection into account.

Built-in epoxy resin and internal skeleton made of different metals, you can pose freely.

The materials used in our products meet national safety standards and are harmless to people and the environment.

2. RealDoll has built-in skeletons that can take different poses. Each section has a limited range of motion, so double-check and position yourself before use.

It is packed upright when shipped from the factory. When posing, don't do it for long periods of time, such as B. a pose that strains every part, or a pose that bends to the limit.
Damage such as cracks and tears may appear in the surface material. Extending the pose at a wide angle for an extended period of time can also seriously damage the foundation of parts like the arms and legs (shoulders and hips). After use, keep your arms and legs upright.

3. When the sex doll body is made, the soles of the feet, buttocks and shoulders will have marks caused by fixing the internal skeleton.
Note that these are specifications that are unavoidable during the manufacturing process.


1. Do not scratch the skin surface with sharp tools. Even if you hit the corner of a wall or passage while moving, scratches will occur.
Please avoid rubbing the skin too hard to maintain the longevity and beauty of the product.

2. When wearing RealDoll, avoid clothes that are prone to discoloration or that cannot be dyed very well to avoid staining your skin and maintaining your beauty. If ink bleeds, it is removed with a factory-made stain remover.

3. In order to prevent the rubber from deteriorating and shortening the service life, please do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time.
Also avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

repair manual

1. If the doll's skin is pressed for a long time and leaves dents or stains, you can use a hot towel to press the area for a while.

2. If the RealDoll is dirty, use regular detergent or cleaning oil to remove it.

Detergents and shower gels can be used as detergents. Be careful not to rub too hard when cleaning, so as not to damage the skin. After washing, wipe the moisture off the surface and let it dry.

Then apply siccarol (regular spiked heat or powder can be used) to the surface of the doll. Feels better and less likely to get dirty. Please wash and care for the doll regularly. However, excessive cleaning can damage the doll.

3. If the surface of the sex doll is torn or cracked, use glue to stick it. At this point, first clean the damaged area thoroughly to remove dirt and dust. After restoring the damaged part to its original condition, apply the glue and let it dry until it sticks.

In the event of major damage or technical problems, please contact us or the manufacturer.

165cm Sexy Muscle Beauty-Klara

save environment
Because realistic sex doll is a special material, certain conditions apply to the storage environment.
Dolls are stored in a proper storage environment to prevent deterioration and damage and prolong their lifespan.

1. Do not store in direct sunlight for a long time. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause discoloration and cracked skin on the doll.

2. Avoid dusty environment. The sticky surface of the nude sex dolls easily attracts dust.

3. Avoid high humidity environments. The inner frame of the doll is made of alloy and TPE is absorbent. So if it is kept in a humid environment for a long time, the inner frame and skin are likely to be affected. Also, do not expose it to water for a long time while cleaning.

4. Choose a place to store the RealDoll that will not put pressure on the surface.
If the pressure is prolonged, the part deforms. Also, avoid placing heavy objects on it or tying it with string or twine. Superficial pain can also occur.

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