Is it ok to take a bath with a life size real love doll?

Is it ok to take a bath with a life size real love doll?

You probably thought about it because you had a dream about taking a bath with your sex partner. But it's a natural question when a partner has a beautiful life size sex doll. Information about sex products on the Internet is very scarce, so many people are still hesitant to use them for libido. The prospect of a lover doll really needs to find out for men to get the maximum satisfaction they deserve.

Before getting straight to the point, you need to let go of all your shyness about sex and open up. Get the facts: Sex is an essential activity in human life and the pill keeps you away from the doctor. A sex doll is the "pill" that is not only your sex partner but your life partner at every stage. When it comes to sex or a shower, she's perfectly safe in that situation. It is designed to make your imagination come true.

Bathing a silicone sex doll

Of course, you don't have to worry about the doll's makeup coming into contact with water because our 24dollsde's perfect big breasted real dolls use the combination of dual technologies and materials such as ink and oven to create a permanent doll makeup. up to achieve • long-term stability. However, if you do her makeup yourself, she will remove her makeup. It is recommended to put the plastic bag on it. This picture is too beautiful to describe hahaha...

There's also a little coup, that is, if your doll isn't very dirty and you just don't want to move after exercising, use the vaginal douche distributed by Aimei and repeatedly rinse her 3 to 5 times until your love rinses the traces of the doll, then press the love doll's abdomen, and dry the water drops in other places with a towel. If you have a vagina, you can use a small towel or buy a disposable cleaning cloth, which is very absorbent, So stuff it into the lower body of the doll, wipe it several times, and finally smear cornstarch powder on the buttocks, done.

157cm white skin soft juicy slim tpe doll

Dolls need showers too - remember girls can get naughty after a shower. Yes, this is a tip for you if you want to treat your partner to fiery moments. Shower before and after use. Clean every intimate part of her, this will keep her hygienic at all times.

Small breast love doll

Sit in the whirlpool with us. These beautiful life-size silicone dolls are so versatile you'll even forget you're showering with sex objects. She can sit in the hot tub with you, sit on your lap and enjoy the bath with you. However, for long-term use, the manufacturer recommends not to immerse your head and hair in water. This spoils the smoothness of the hair.

Prepare a steam bath - don't think twice if you want to take a hot steam bath, sex dolls love steam baths. Since these are made of silicone material, they can absorb and disinfect hot water. But before you take her to the steam room, make sure your silicone doll is a doll, otherwise you could seriously damage the porous structure of the doll.

So yes, sex dolls can be your shower companions. However, keep the above considerations in mind as you don't want to waste a penny because your romantic bathing fantasies don't go the way you envisioned


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