Is silicone simulation the same as silicone doll adult products?

Is silicone simulation the same as silicone doll adult products?

Is silicone simulation the same as silicone sex doll adult products? Many friends who want to buy silicone dolls have this kind of question.

In fact, silica gel is a material that many people have an extremely high degree of simulation, and even simulated food, all using silica gel, non-toxic and tasteless. Silicone simulation products, silicone dolls and adult products refer to different products made with the same silicone material.

There are many silicone simulation products, including simulation of genitals, penis, silicone thighs, simulated breasts, etc. The most fascinating is of course - silicone dolls!

It can be said that the silicone simulation of the genitals, leg molds and other silicone simulation products are all part of the silicone doll body, the former is the body part, the latter is the whole, which is superior and inferior, midgets.

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Silicone simulated dolls or other puppies, leg shapes, upper and lower body, etc. mentioned above are all kinds of sex products and adult products. The silica gel used in the high-quality silicone simulation products guarantees the same color as real human skin, is resistant to low temperature and high temperature, and can maintain the touch of real skin. (Note: In the case of extremely low temperature or high temperature or environment, the silica gel will change. If the temperature is too high, the silica gel simulation product will have a certain silicone oil. These are normal phenomena.)

Silicone simulation adult products, whether it is a silicone doll or a part of the silicone simulation person, the raw materials used in such products must be guaranteed non-toxic and tasteless, otherwise they are definitely non-silicone materials, recycled materials , inferior materials.

In addition, based on the quality assurance of silicone raw materials, silicone simulation dolls or other silicone simulation products must go through reasonable design (professional designers) and ultra-realistic face, body and every body part (many years of experience). The simulation of the wax engraver is controlled to appear real and realistic.

Real silicone simulation dolls and other adult silicone simulation products must be highly simulated, non-toxic and tasteless, exquisite and delicate, adult silicone simulation doll products, more should be realistic inverted fingernails, each finger has a joint function, simulating human body activities range, etc. Everyone must open their eyes hold if he decides.

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