Is the love doll a sex tool or an emotional partner?

Is the love doll a sex tool or an emotional partner?

A sex doll is a very authentic sex toy and its main function is sex. In the past, inflatable dolls have been featured in many films and reports. With the revolution in technology, today's realistic dolls (mostly made of silicone or TPE) emerged. They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, small waists, big breasts and small faces. Like many male dream lovers, sexy, glamorous, pure and healing. As long as there is a need, they can become your lover, wife or whatever you want.

Most people think that love doll users are otaku who don't typically interact with women and don't have women in their middle years. In fact, 30-40% of our users are married. The childless couple bought a doll to raise as a daughter. Or older, widowed people find spiritual nourishment through the doll. So are the love dolls sex toys or human companions? Can they replace real people emotionally? Does their existence affect intimacy in reality?

Natasha-163cm Russian Sexy TPE Love Doll JY Doll

Sex doll lovers are not perverts!

Sex Doll players have their own communities. Like other interest groups, they share fun and experiences on the forums. They also make friends and socialize. "Usually we put our dolls on the sofa and then we chat about life, house prices and national conditions," said Jim, a native Canadian.

Jim, 34 years old, is very cheerful and talkative. It is hard to tell that he has been playing with dolls for more than ten years. He lives with his girlfriend, and two realistic silicone sex doll sit like works of art on the sofa in the living room.

Due to hormonal sexual impulses, Jim became interested in sex dolls while in college. And he discarded it after puberty. By the age of 31, he broke up with his girlfriend, who had been together for 3 years. It was a bit like a divorce and he was exhausted. The failure of this relationship made him more honest with himself, he resumed his love for real dolls and found a goal in life.

Jim said, "Sakura is my first realistic silicone doll. I have never had sex with her and only raised her as a daughter. My living room was full of five dolls. I sent two back to my hometown because of my girlfriend.”
For Jim, the doll is a new beginning in his life. It can stay with him until he gets over the damage of the last relationship and starts a new one. "But if you can't get out, it doesn't matter. In the company of the dolls, you can stay in this beautiful world for the rest of your life and never let the routine of reality affect you.” Jim laughed and said.

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