Let you know lover doll vagina type

Let you know lover doll vagina type

Lubricant-free vagina, also called water-lubricated vagina, is a new option for sex dolls. It provides an easy way to use the doll when you don't have lube around. Just pour the water into the vagina and you can enjoy the lubricating effect. Isn't that amazing?

Now let's learn more about the truth of this new option.

how to use it

Like using lube. You only need water instead of lube.

How does it work?

The lubrication gets better with every movement. It is a water based lube and easy to clean.

How does it work?

During the manufacture of the real sex dolls, the condensed lubricant was mixed into the vaginal material. After the water is poured into the vagina, the condensed lubricant is deliquesced and then water-based lubricant is produced in the vagina.

Sharon-162cm Wild Redhead Tpe Sexy E Cup Wm Doll

How many times can I use it?

The condensed lubricant decreases after dissolution. Times may depend on how much water you put in and how long you use each time. In general, it can be used more than 20 times.

Here we have the doggy style. This position cleverly uses her eight limbs to work together in orgasmic harmony, giving you a wild, naughty, and unadulterated feeling of sexual pleasure. It's the perfect tonic when you're in the mood for something a little more caveman.
Enter your doll from behind. Have your doll standing, kneeling, on her side, or on her stomach, while hunched over the couch, leaning against a wall... whatever you like.


Having sex with your doll in doggy style position makes it easier for you to control penis angle and jerk speed. It will give you a feeling of conquering occupation and invasion when you fuck your love doll.

It also allows for deeper penetration during anal sex and increases the chances of anal orgasm. When the doll looks back with a nice waist, it will be a great sex scene.
To attempt

This position is the perfect way to get some boob fondling. Hold her waist, lick her teat/hair, pat her buttocks…

make it even better

Put a mirror in front of you to get a more real and rough doggy style. Watching yourself play can stimulate arousal, almost like playing in and watching an adult movie at the same time.

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