Lifelike sex doll cleaning tutorial

Lifelike sex doll cleaning tutorial

If the doll is soiled with dirt or dust, it can be wiped with a damp towel + shower gel. If the shower gel cannot be cleaned, try to remove it with cleaning oil. If the doll is very dirty, you can also consider taking the doll to the bathroom for direct cleaning. Regarding the water temperature: as long as the real skin temperature can withstand, the doll is acceptable. The real dolls buy made of TPE is more temperature sensitive, remember not to use the temperature of 70 degrees. The above water is used to "sterilize" the TPE sex doll, and the TPE material will be deformed due to the high temperature.

How to Clean Sex Dolls Vagina/Anus/Mouth?

To clean any openings, we recommend spraying water into the openings with a jet of water to remove the water from the openings. If you don't have a sprinkler but the temperature is low and gentle, you can use a shower hose attachment. Alternatively, you can simply hand clean with warm soapy water and a damp (soft) cloth. Be sure to thoroughly clean all areas of the opening.

You can also clean the opening with your hands or a small sponge while the Real Dolls are showering or bathing (see instructions for the skeleton above). Do not use abrasive cleaners or other harsh chemical cleaners. Use all cleaning methods - slightly spread the doll's legs, leave the vagina and anus open to air and dry naturally. Do not spread the doll's legs too far apart as this can cause damage over time. Once the silicone sex doll is completely dry, use a small amount of petroleum jelly to punch the holes.

How do I clean the sex doll's face?

Remove the head from the body If possible, remove the wig. Apply to face with a warm antibacterial sponge or cotton cloth dampened with soapy water and massage gently. PLEASE NOTE: Makeup is semi-permanent and can be faded or removed with mineral oil, so it's best to avoid excessive cleaning or rubbing to preserve makeup longevity. Take special care not to damage the eyes and eyelashes and avoid getting these areas wet. If you want to remove the eye before cleaning, remove it from the front by gently pulling away the slit, being careful not to damage the lashes. Gently pat face with a dry, non-abrasive cloth and allow to air dry before reapplying to body.

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Clean after using Real Dolls for Big Breasts:

In general, the parts that can be used for silicone dolls are no more than the mouth, private parts and anus. No matter what brand of sex doll, her mouth or anus must belong to the "one-piece" design, that is, the inner canal and the body can not be disassembled and separated. But the private parts are not necessarily the same. Some dolls have a detachable "split" design. After use, the famous device (private part canal) is directly removed and cleaned. If you choose a one-piece doll, you may need to take the entire doll to the bathroom for cleaning after use.

Whichever method you use to clean the doll, remember to wrap the doll in a towel after cleaning and "pat dry" lightly. Do not wipe it hard to avoid scratching the doll's surface. Inside the canal is a thick paper towel that can be rolled into a strip. Put it in to absorb the water and remember to use talcum powder after the water dries on the doll to keep the doll's skin the best touch.


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