Lonely Predators - Quality Sex Dolls

Lonely Predators - Quality Sex Dolls

Erotic sex doll give these people hope. Many lonely people own sex doll. You feel more appropriate to be with inanimate objects than real people. They think this is beyond their means. It can help anyone with social anxiety disorder to stop becoming depressed. The reason most people like sex dolls is because they are always so obedient, no fights, no jealousy, no abuse.

We used to always joke around with our single friends: your girlfriend is out of breath, that kind of joke. Everyone's impression of physical dolls is still attached to the rough and ugly inflatable dolls that were made in the past. But in fact, the current physical doll has made a qualitative leap.

Physical sex dolls look more realistic

The physical doll is made of silicone or TPE, not only in appearance but also in texture, it is almost the same as the real person. Therefore, the current physical dolls generally refer to silicone dolls or TPE dolls, not the love dolls that needed to be inflated in the past, moreover, they can be disguised and concave-shaped, more like large-scale figures, and some companies have also implanted them Sound cards and sound cards for the dolls Computer chips that make realistic sex doll more intelligent and anthropomorphic.

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A heartwarming story about lifelike sex dolls

A few years ago there was a very popular story about a netizen named Onodera Hirani and his physical doll. It is reported that he is actually a human who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. His life can end at any time and he longs for his family. He is not sure if he will leave this world at this moment and he is not willing to let others pay for his departure. For his emotional sustenance, he chose physical puppets as his family members to accompany him.

He considered the sex doll as his wife, took her out to dinner, played games, took the subway, and posted the stories and photos between them on Weibo, which shocked and moved many netizens at the time. Although their way of life has caused a lot of controversy, most netizens expressed their blessing because it didn't hurt anyone. What's wrong with using love dolls as emotional food?

It has become a trend to fill more voids with sex dolls

From a psychological point of view, physical sex dolls can not only provide a sense of security, fill emotional emptiness and emotional repair, but also have a sense of conquest that is far greater than physiological needs. Of course, many owners still have meaning in terms of sex. In fact, no sacred meaning is to be attached to the physical doll. I just want to tell you that there are actually many different opportunities in the world. But at the same time, sex is not a dirty thing, but a completely normal need.

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