Luxurious and expensive love dolls are gradually being liked by many people

Luxurious and expensive love dolls are gradually being liked by many people

Why are some RealDolls so expensive?

Actually, it's not because there are so few real dolls that they're not expensive, or because retailers focus on consumption and consciously raise prices. However, making lifelike mini sex doll is labor intensive and labor intensive.

1. A SexDolls is exclusive to the customer

The customization of Real Dolls is different from other goods. They are not products that can be mass-produced to standards. Almost 100% need to be adjusted. In other words, instead of letting the customer choose the product first, the product is produced according to the customer's needs. Because everyone's taste is different, some like strong taste, some like soft girls, some like jk, some like married women... just like everyone likes natural landscapes, some people will like the height of the Himalayas, some people will like the flatness of Hills and mountains... Of course, the price of customization is a little more expensive than ordinary sex dolls, after all, the craftsmanship and the quality that is spent on them are the best.

165cm Busty Lover's Wheat Skin-Angie

2. Love dolls are expensive to make

To make humanoid skeletons, each skeleton has more than 100 parts, which is very complicated. Make the doll's body, pad the outside of the skeleton with sponge, and then put a protective layer over it.

Apply a skin layer to the outermost layer of the nude sex dolls and then pour in the silicone to make a silicone doll with all naked bodies hanging on a hanger. Each doll has long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders and small face, like a perfect figure between two and three dimensions. , the blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible even at close range.

Bathe the doll again in her original human form, and then wipe the body, makeup, nails and hair with great care at each step, like taking care of a girl with no clothes. After that, this step with the silicone doll is done. Finally, the silicone doll's body parts are separated and put into the box, where they await shipment.

3. The growing demand and demand of society for lifelike sex doll

Otaku culture originated in Japan, known as the country's soft power, and then spread around the world. Otaku don't like going out because of their personality and don't have girlfriends. They spend time reading manga, anime, games, novels, etc. The otaku has needs too, so he's obsessed with real dolls. Why do most otaku like life-size realdoll? These sex dolls have beautiful faces and are goddesses, such as B. delicate facial features, fair skin and devilish characters, enhanced versions of real people.

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