Please don't do 4 things that harm sex dolls

Please don't do 4 things that harm sex dolls

When you love something, you always want to have it and be together forever. Is not it? On the other hand, why ignore details or make mistakes when making realistic sex dolls? Of course I know your love doll and don't want to hurt her. But some things are done with the puppet without knowing it, just unaware that many of the moves are serious mistakes.

1. Please use oil based lubricant for life size sex doll

Lubricants are a great way to keep the gel material from drying out. However, oil-based lubricants are not suitable as solvents for silicone/TPE sex dolls. Even the best sex dolls can be harmed by using these lubes. These lubricants can stain the doll and damage its materials. Therefore, avoid using oil-based lubricants and better use water-based lubricants, which have good affinity and are harmless to polymer dolls.

2. Don't wash the love doll every day.

Just like we all need a daily bath to stay clean and healthy, sexy adult dolls need to be cleaned or at least kept tidy. Remember to clean every time you take the doll out of the storage box, whether it's in the shower or in the bedroom, cleaning is a must. If the doll is not washed, various bacteria and microorganisms may accumulate on the doll's skin, damage the doll's skin material, and also expose the owner to fungal or bacterial diseases.

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3. Do not store sex dolls in extreme temperatures

Another common mistake most love doll lovers make is storing their real dolls in extreme temperatures. The ambient temperature in which the physical doll is stored must not be too high or too low and must be kept at room temperature. If placing your sex doll in a room with extreme temperatures cannot be avoided, make sure the room is equipped with devices such as a portable dehumidifier, air conditioner, or heater depending on temperature changes.

4. Ignore the doll's physical details

When buying sex dolls on the platform, put the doll's life first. Small problems that are easy to overlook, such as doll cracks, skin stains, wig falling off, etc., are serious problems that may affect the doll completely, thereby shortening the doll's lifespan. This means that if you ignore these small problems, he cannot stay with you for long. So if you find your doll has these problems, you should make sure to get them fixed in time.

Avoiding these mistakes will help extend the life of your doll. If you love your doll, please stop making the above mistakes!

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