Questions and answers about buying sex dolls in the lovelovedolls shop

Questions and answers about buying sex dolls in the lovelovedolls shop

2 How do we choose a doll maker?

Before we work with any sex doll manufacturer, we make sure the doll meets strict standards. The bottom line is that relevant H&S compliance documentation must start from scratch, the quality of design and manufacture must be second to none, and the brand must have a history of excellent customer feedback and needs/reputation. The suppliers we work with must be reliable and ready to stand by if there is a problem with the products they sell.

There are many poor quality love dolls on the market that are made from poor quality recyclable TPE and use harmful chemicals, therefore health and safety standards/quality control are our top priority. We ensure that the materials used are safe for the health of our customers. Of course, design is also very important. We firmly believe in offering only well designed and high quality Real Doll. We want to be able to stand behind sex dolls and be proud of it. A great website and great customer service mean nothing if you are selling poorly designed, poor quality hyper realistic sex doll. We listened to a lot of customer feedback and did a lot of reading on The Doll forums to illustrate the pros and cons of each doll design.

Charles-155cm Sexy Breasts L Cup Big Breasts Wm Doll

3 Does this store only sell TPE sexdoll?

We currently have some silicone tips, but our body is made of TPE, which is softer than silicone and is highly appreciated by customers, partly because of its high price. We recently partnered with Sanhui Doll, who exclusively manufactures silicone sex dolls, and we will be offering all of their products in the near future. Also, many of our manufacturers have started to release love dolls with silicone heads and TPE bodies. This is a relatively new product design. It's a great way to achieve super soft and realistic jumping on the body as well as super realistic facial expressions. So far it has proved very popular...

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