Realistic sex dolls expensive The truth

Realistic sex dolls expensive The truth

The cost of a doll is actually very cheap, but very realistic sex doll can be expensive to purchase. Most of the time, you can get dolls that look good for a fraction of the price.

Body size is a factor that affects the price of buying a sex doll

You can now get a smaller love doll for less than $1,000 that will do exactly what you need, but there are very few Real Dolls for mannequins so they don't last long. Therefore, dolls less than 150 cm in height should not be used for more than one year unless the doll owner is very experienced and understands how to care, maintain and use standing feet and movable vagina models and possibly hand and leg protection equipment.

157cm Wheat Medium Breast Double Ponytail Linda

What is considered a cheap love doll?

What is a High Quality Sex Doll In most cases, dolls priced over $3,000 are considered high-end sex dolls, and any foreign toy under that price is likely to be mid-range or within budget. The only dolls on that fall into the premium love doll category are full silicone models that also include shipping. They typically cost $3,128 and come with extra features like standing feet or pubic hair for free.

Not only are these dolls made from 100% medical-grade silicone, but they also feature the latest in yoga skeleton technology, quick connect heads, one of the most realistic bodies you'll ever see on a sex doll, and premium packaging even when delivery is done Guy is willing to get it wrong When handling the box, make sure the doll arrives at your home intact. Best of all, they can upgrade your full silicone doll into a sex robot with various moy or heat functions that can transform your doll into the perfect love machine.

Really high-quality sex dolls cost a lot in themselves

If that's all sex doll sellers have to deal with, the prices could still be a lot cheaper, almost 20% below their current prices. Realistic Love Doll price increase costs include bank fees, transaction fees, chargeback fees, website fees and marketing fees. In most cases, selling sex toys on social media is very difficult or even illegal. So visiting your store is 10x more expensive than visiting any other regular industry product. If I want to sell leather sandals, I can sell them anywhere.

There are so many scary things in this world that need our attention, but some people focus on banning dolls. When you add all these elements together, you will realize that a doll can be considered a work of art and in terms of its sophistication, authenticity, and realistic human features, it is not even worth 50% of the price. Most dolls are handmade. Like the face, the nipples, hands, feet and many other parts of the body are not processed by machines but by experienced, patient and careful workers. A small mistake and the doll must be corrected or remade. Unlike products like razors, TPE sex dolls are rare, well-known, or altered. Most people don't even know they exist due to their adult nature, and people who buy it probably won't switch to other silicone girls for months or years.

More money for Real Dolls can go elsewhere

If they get bad reviews, they just pay to delete them or just buy an account with thousands of positive reviews. All these small factors can lead to higher prices. So if you find that a silicone doll is overpriced, remember that it is not because the manufacturer or seller is so expensive, but because of factors beyond their control. More money flows to trucking companies, banks and other institutions than to people who actually work.


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