Sex dolls have different characteristics depending on the need

Sex dolls have different characteristics depending on the need

How to Choose a realistic sex doll Dolls have different characteristics based on different needs. The chests of these dolls are of different sizes, some of which are flat and small. Others are medium and large. The skin colors of these dolls are yellow, white, brown. The wigs of these dolls have different types, such as: B. braid, long and straight hair, curly and short hair. The dolls' eyes have different colors, such as green, blue and brown. The vagina of dolls has separate and built-in type.

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The price of the realistic sex dolls will be an important information for people. Buyers want a great new offering that people will admire. The price tag is worth a new look in a short time. Realistic sex doll cost is important for most buyers. Some buyers may be on a budget and the dolls can become expensive over time. It's worth the cost and shipping is free. lovelovedolls is a seller willing to bring sex doll fans a good deal.

Beth-163cm Sexy Big Butt Adult Doll

The first step is to choose the height:

Our sex dolls come in different sizes. The heights of lovelovedolls are between 141cm and 180cm, the weights range from 25kg to 40kg. You can choose an attractive medium or tall girl. It all depends on your taste and requirements. However, for some freshmen who own a sex doll for the first time, we recommend choosing the lightest one, because it is much easier to transport, shower and carry. Once you master these procedures, you can choose larger sex dolls (e.g. 158 cm sex dolls, 165 cm sex dolls and 170 cm sex dolls).

The second step is to choose the physical part and its attributes:

Sex dolls have different characteristics based on different needs. Some men prefer plump and mature women, while others like slim and young girls.

The third step is to choose the face styles:

The faces of our real dolls have many styles and can basically meet everyone's needs. There are many face styles to choose from, Anglo-American type, Asian type, cartoon type, young girl type, dominant lady type and loli type. You can choose different types according to your taste.

Advice on using a sex doll

To avoid smearing or discoloration, sex dolls should not come into contact with easily fading pollutants.

It is normal for there to be some oil on the sex doll's skin. Oil on the surface of the body can release a faint odor of the human body and protect the skin from cracking.

Since sex dolls have a metal skeleton inside their body, their degree of bending should not exceed the degree of bending of the human body when changing sex positions. Also, avoid pressing too hard when bending her body to avoid straining the dolls' skin.

Sex dolls should only be accessible to one person. Sex dolls are not allowed to be loaned to others to prevent sexually transmitted diseases because they are used privately.

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