Sex love dolls care

Sex love dolls care

Your beloved sex doll is your partner, you want her to stay beautiful at all times. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to keep your lovely partner dated and improve their lifespan.

sex with your sex doll?
1. Whenever vaginal, anal and oral sex indications occur, you MUST use water-based lubricants to avoid skin tearing.
2. Your joints, like hands, wrists, knees are not able to bear too much pressure. Please DO NOT put weight on these parts (like doggy style). If you really want her to be a happy dog ​​pull her up against a pillow or sofa, any soft surface would be great.
3. Please don't do standing sex, her feet can stand well on her own, but not if you have too many extreme activities with her.

Shower with your sex doll?
1. Please clean your sexy real doll every 2 weeks or at least once a month.
2. Please use a mild antimicrobial soap to clean them.
3. You can put your doll in a bathtub and take a shower with her, but do not submerge her head or neck under water.
4. Please wipe your face with a damp cloth and mild antibacterial soap. Must NEVER immerse her head in water.
5. Dry them with a soft towel.
6. Under no circumstances should you use a hair dryer or similar heating devices to blow them dry.
7. Please apply baby powder with a brush to keep the skin soft and lifelike.

Vaginal, anal, oral canal cleaning
1. TPE skin is more porous than silicone. You must clean all channels after each use to prevent bacterial growth.
It is best to use a condom unless you are a hard working boy for the cleaning chores.
2. Inject mild, antibacterial, soapy water into her canals using a sex doll vaginal douche. Flush the canals with clean water in a mini sex doll vaginal douche until all soap is removed.
3. Thoroughly dry canals.
4. Apply baby powder to all parts

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sex doll skin care
1. If you find your skin is not smooth, please use baby powder on the skin with a brush to keep the skin smooth. Please only do it when her body is dry. This is important to avoid tearing the skin.
2. Please make sure the clothes you put on are dye transfer resistant. Dark color and poor quality clothing can easily transfer the color to your skin. Please wash the clothes a few times to prevent this. In this case you can remove the stains with TPE stain remover. Alternatively, you can use olive oil to wipe away the stains and then wipe the stain with a damp cloth.
3. Please avoid them from magazines, colored leather, newspapers or the like to avoid color transfer to them.
4. Please keep them in a dry and shady place. Sunlight is bad for them.

Love Doll Skeleton Care
1. Your Love Dolls has a metal skeleton to keep it flexible. They are able to move their limbs and body, activities leave marks on their body, this is perfectly normal.
2. Please understand that ONLY 6YE dolls have 360 ​​degree joints that allow full swing at different angles. With all dolls, you should not use extreme force to move their joints into all positions.
3. Do not hit them against hard surfaces, do not drop them
Avoid sharp objects, they will hurt your doll.
4. Try not to leave them in the same position for too long and don't even lie on a hard surface. Because it is TPE, it will change shape if it is in the same position for a long time. For example, her ass will flatten out even if she's been lying down for too long. The best option would be to hang your doll. You can get a set of landing gear here.

wig care
Please remove the wig from her and clean with mild shampoo and conditioner. Let it dry and comb it from below.

Use with caution
1. Your doll is your beloved partner. Please do not share them with others to avoid spreading disease.
2. Clean all channels with an antibacterial soap and dry them completely after use to avoid bacteria growth.
3. You should use a condom to avoid bacteria growth.
4. Use water-based lube when having sex with her to avoid tearing the skin.

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