Silicone dolls and devices adult sex toys are different

Silicone dolls and devices adult sex toys are different

For the physiological needs of adult men, there are many products on the market that can be solved, but the most popular is necessarily a silicone doll. Although the price is a little more expensive compared to other products, it cannot prevent many people from taking the most money, and some people even buy tens of thousands of dollars, not easy to save. If you buy ordinary props, you can easily afford it. Why do you have to spend so much money, and you can buy a lot of them, but everyone still chooses it, definitely because it is obvious compared to other products. advantages and differences.

So what is the difference between the silicone sex doll and other general adult sexual sensations? The difference is that most other products are relatively basic and there are no real touch experiences when interacting with people. The physiological experiences that men have are also very different, and if you experience it for a long time, you will gradually lose interest and may want to replace other products. The performance of the new product will not only take a certain amount of time, but familiarity and customization are not necessarily exceptionally appropriate.

150cm Japanese Schoolgirl - ROSALIND

In addition, the feeling of the silicone doll is the closest to the real person among all the products, so the sexual experience that can be offered to men is more than the traditional product. The general product is relatively simple, just a simple product and I did not consider the overall feeling, and the sex dolls were made on real people at a 1:1 ratio. It feels like a real girlfriend, especially for many single men. It will be a very good experience.

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