Silicone dolls with wide hips, why do you like them?

Silicone dolls with wide hips, why do you like them?

For reasons you can't imagine, most men prefer women with wide buttocks. This trend can be clearly seen in our customers' broad-skinned hips sex dolls and provides some of the following information that we left in the debate:

For most men, the irresistible attraction of women with wide hips and wide-waisted silicone sex doll is not only connected to culture and learning, but also to nature and of course, from a biological point of view, our animal is part of it.

The woman's buttocks, this is one of the best curves she has, which of course makes her look very good, but no matter what, we should choose a woman with wide hips, if you don't know why we have to choose a woman, So we tell you why.

The brain activity is so strong that when they see a more curved body, it corresponds to happy.

These are other advantages for women with wide buttocks, so users also prefer sex dolls with wide hips:

1. They contain polyunsaturated fats: they help the cholesterol in the blood.
2. Live Longer: Research has shown that the accumulation of fats in the environment helps aggregate particles and trigger beneficial compounds for the organism.
3. Produce hormones: This hormone is a fat pectin that protects the arteries and better controls blood sugar.
4. Smarter Children: Researchers believe that children born to mothers with wide hips are intellectually superior.
5. They enjoy sex: Studies have shown that women with wide buttocks are subconsciously ready for intimate relationships.
6. Sexy and Feminine Image: This number is a fundamental factor because it gives beauty and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

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Doll gender wide hips, preference from an evolutionary point of view

From a cultural point of view, some anthropologists have noted that males, regardless of weight, always prefer broad-buttocks females in evolution. For primitive people it is necessary to have a curvaceous female during mating, so females not only burn more calories but also keep their fertility longer as fat increases the presence of estrogen.

Why do men like love dolls with wide hips? The answer is simple: hereditary.

The man is looking for a woman who can give birth without knowing it, she has everything she needs to breed. The wide buttocks are usually associated with an important buttocks, not only for vitality and fertility, but also for fertility. Although this is not consciously in our minds when we get close to the people who catch our attention, it has an indirect impact on our judgement.

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