Teach you how to deep clean stubborn stains on sex dolls?

Teach you how to deep clean stubborn stains on sex dolls?

First, prepare a mild cleaning solution, which can be replaced with ordinary shower gel, and some talcum powder.

Use a cleaning solution dipped in a little water to scrub the solid silicone doll stains directly. Be careful not to use too much force. If the dipping is particularly stubborn, you can wash it longer.

After washing the silicone doll, be sure to let the water dry and blow dry with a hair dryer.

Then apply talcum powder evenly to the surface of the silicone sex doll, which can make the silicone of the part washed with the cleaning solution more delicate.

After washing, the sex dolls surface is basically smooth as before and delicate to the touch, and then it is good to store them carefully.

Here's how to remove stubborn stains on life size silicone sex dolls. In fact, the best way is to do good prevention. You need to be careful when using it and take good care of your skin so that it can be used more comfortably and last longer.

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Are Cheap Sex Dolls Available Online?

Do Cheap Life Size Sex Dolls Work? This is what many netizens want to know the most who want to buy physical silicone dolls but are not willing to spend money. lovelovedolls en tells you everything about real porn dolls.

So can you use cheap sex dolls?

This is because the most important parts of this cheap doll, if only from the perspective of draining physiological desires, are still a bit of material that is hardly usable, but it is only used for draining, and it is similar to using hands , maybe not so good like that. Say no, that's because this doll is not a real solid sex doll. They are either inflatable or semi-solid, can't be as pretty and sexy as a solid solid silicone doll, can't make you sensually happy, so can't be used.

realistic sex doll is not made of silicone but of TPE. Even TPE can't be as cheap as a few hundred yuan for a doll, and an entry-level doll needs more than a thousand yuan. In addition, the silicone material should reach 10,000 yuan, and many even exceed 100,000 yuan.

Back to the question itself, will a cheap sex doll work? If you just want to vent, you can use it, but it's not worth it. It's better to buy an airplane mug for tens of dollars. If you want to buy a solid silicone doll, it is recommended to set your budget at least 1,000 yuan so that the lovelovedolls de real doll you buy can stimulate you in terms of senses, body, etc., so that you can be satisfied physically and mentally, with it no money is wasted.

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