Teach you how to rescue real sex dolls

Teach you how to rescue real sex dolls

Now many people will be troubled by a problem, which is how to place the doll after buying it or after playing with it every day? To this end, after reading the following guide on how to store realdoll, this problem will also be solved.

Can store Real Dolls flat on chest

It is also important that the doll is laid flat directly, i.e. it must not be lying on an unprotected surface, be it in a closet or in a storage box. All you need to do is put a pillow layer under the real love doll, it can be a quilt, a blanket or a floppy fabric! Without this protective layer, the back of the doll can deform due to the impact of the force. Especially for users who buy silicone dolls, it is very difficult to restore the silicone material after dent.

The flat lay does not deform the love doll easily

Users who use the lay-flat method are advised to purchase a memory foam product as a pillow. If you don't think it's necessary, there's another trick. A pillow should be placed on the realistic sex doll waist and both sides of the calf to allow the doll to maintain the natural curve of the human body when lying flat, so that the doll's overall body shape can always keep a good shape .

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Hanging Love Doll

Hanging is the best storage method because the realdoll is suspended in the air, which can avoid deformation caused by force. If the apartment has wardrobes, hangers or other shelves with good load-bearing capacity, hanging is the best choice. And hanging does not take up so much space, which can save space.

The wrong way to store high quality lovedoll

Least Recommended Storage Method: Standing! Some friends, trying to avoid trouble, let the silicone dolls stand directly and lean against the wall, which is a wrong way of storing! Some dolls do not support standing, and manufacturers will emphasize that they can only stand for a short time. When the love doll is standing, all the weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot, which can easily cause the sole of the foot to crack, and even see the metal skeleton outside the sole of the foot, so avoid the doll standing for a long time, otherwise the sole of the foot will crack , the money is wasted and the doll is incomplete.


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