Teach you to choose the right kind of love doll

Teach you to choose the right kind of love doll

1. First of all, the inside is not plump and strong.

2. All materials are medical materials, and the touch is comparable to real people. The delicate complexion is like a real person.

3. The sex doll is dustproof and easy to clean.

4. Each joint of the real sex dolls is made of polymer resin material, and there is a mechanical bracket inside, which can change the position of different genders and provide a more comfortable experience during sex. .. You can play with the sex doll as you like and treat her as a sexy, charming, beautiful, loving little lover.

5. The current sex doll silicone has an automatic heating design, which allows you to heat the vagina and breasts to a temperature close to the actual body temperature (37 ° C), which is closer to the real human feeling.

6. In order to get closer to the feeling of a real person, the lower abdomen of the real love doll is equipped with a vibration sensor, which can detect 100% body language, and equipped with a sound chip, which can emit corresponding passionate sounds according to the frequency and amplitude of the movements.

Rachell-166cm Wheat Skin Sexy Cowgirl

How to choose the right true love doll

Sex dolls are a tool of sexual desire that men have a soft spot for. Sales are up these days due to the reality of completion but how should men choose when buying comfortable and comfortable sex dolls?

How to choose a real doll 1. Weight: half the weight of a sex doll
Not too heavy, between 1kg and 7kg. The doll is heavy, tens of kilograms, but the price is high.

2. Entity Required: Inflatable dolls must be inflated before they can be used. It is small and easy to carry when you have no body. Therefore, life-size dolls are equipped with pumps, but some sex dolls can also blow through the mouth. Real sex dolls don't have to be angry.

3. Material: The doll's skin is made of high quality material, but the texture and price are different from real dolls.

4. Smell: Real sex doll has no special smell or plastic smell. But inferior dolls have plastic smell, please ask the seller about the product quality and plastic smell when buying. Lover dolls are of good quality, so there is no such problem.

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