The advent of sex dolls represents free sex

The advent of sex dolls represents free sex

In modern society, people are no longer willing to suppress their desires. They are eager to break the shackles of their sexuality and pursue free sex. The advent of sex dolls allowed everyone to experience this sexual bliss equally.

However, buying a life size sex doll is a big investment for anyone, so we want to make sure you get the most out of it. In this blog we cover everything you need to know about using a realistic sex doll!

Unpacking and assembling the sex doll

Before using a real real dolls, you need to write down one important step. You must be careful to unpack and assemble your sex doll properly.

Step 1: Carefully move the package into a room with plenty of floor space.

Most full size sex dolls weigh between 50 and 70 pounds plus the total packaging weight! The fully boxed life-size sex dolls could possibly weigh up to 80 pounds. So please be prepared in advance how to move the package. If you are disabled, elderly, or live in an upstairs apartment, you may need a close friend or delivery man to help you.

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Step 2: Open the package along the seams with a knife, box cutter, etc.

Lay the package flat on the floor and cut the tape along the top edges of the box to open it. Please be careful not to cut too deep to cut off your new favorite partner.

Step 3: Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the doll.

Wash your hands before taking your love doll out of the box. Or you get them dirty with your hands or mark their original skin!

Step 4: Unwrap your sex doll's head.

The head is wrapped in packaging foam. Carefully remove the foam cover and remove the head from the pouch.

Note: When not in use, you can store the bag to store the head.

Step 5: Remove all other accessories from the box.
Often the package comes with accessories like sex doll clothes, cleaning tools, etc. Take all the accessories out of the box to make sure that only her body and the blanket she's lying on remain.

Step 6: Use scissors to remove the foam from the body.

Step 7: Use the blanket to lift your sex doll out of the box.

Wrap your arms around the doll and blanket, lift her out of the box and gently lay her on the floor next to it.

Step 8: Attach the head to your sex doll and put on the wig.

We have provided you with different styles of wigs to make your dolls more attractive.

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