The specific steps you need to know to buy a sex doll

The specific steps you need to know to buy a sex doll

Now that you've covered all the basics of doll ownership and an idea of ​​the final look you want your mini sex doll to look like, it's time to get down to business.

The first decision you have to make is the height. As a general rule, the taller you are, the larger your doll should be. We sell dolls up to 5ft 8" in height which is more than suitable for boys over 6".

It's also worth considering the availability of your home storage when choosing the height of your sex dolls. If you are short on space in your home, consider the shorter dolls. Storage is a lot easier and you'll find that smaller dolls fit nicely into even the tightest of living spaces.

Step 1: Individual or prefabricated?

You now have to make what is arguably the biggest decision when buying sex dolls. Would you like to buy a ready-made doll or opt for a completely customized treat?

With a pre-made doll, you still have an element of choice as to how the doll looks. With us, you can customize skin color, cup size, pubic hair, doll firmness, and more. Think of the image of your perfect doll that you created in Step 1. If you find a premade doll that comes close to or reaches perfection with a little tweaking in the customization options, then chances are you'll be more than happy with the doll you'll receive.

Things get harder when you're looking for a very specific doll... and you just can't find it even when you access the customization options provided. If this is the case for you, you should consider a fully customized doll.

A fully customized option puts you in complete control. You can choose anything including body type, head, pubic hair and even tattoo options. It's worth pursuing this option if you really can't find a ready-made doll that suits your preferences.

Remember, a sex doll is an investment. You don't want to force yourself to compromise with a physical attribute that you would rather not have or that is different from what is offered; Compromises will spoil your pleasure. Instead, take the time to use all of the information you discovered in the previous steps along with your physical preferences so you can be 100% sure that your real doll will meet your exact specifications.

Chloe-160cm Sexy Big Breasts Adult Love Doll Silicone Head Tpe Body

Step 2: Order

When you have finished the look of your doll, you can place your order. Now all you have to do is wait for your doll to arrive. Use the time to create the storage space you need so your home is ready and waiting for your doll when she arrives. You may also want to buy outfits or lingerie for your doll if you have specific needs in that department.

Step 3: Get your doll

If you've followed the advice above, you'll be delighted with your doll and the fun can really begin for both of you!

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