The World's Largest Sex Doll Producer - WM Sex Dolls

The World's Largest Sex Doll Producer - WM Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are considered a relatively new type of sex toy. Surprisingly, the best sex doll manufacturers WM-DOLLS are making an upswing in China.

WM Sex Dolls

We are finally at the largest sex doll manufacturer in the world - the WM. As a rule, most other Real DOLLS manufacturers have between 20 and 50 employees, depending on the turnover. However, at WM you will find over 200 employees. Their sales volume far surpasses the second largest sex doll manufacturer in the world. Have you ever thought how big the factory can be?

The reason WM stands out impressively is because:

The first sex doll maker to use TPE as a replacement for silicone was able to reduce costs by 2/3.
Excellent doll quality
Very realistic doll faces

163cm Wheat Color Fat Woman Soft And Juicy Love Hole Tpe Doll

For the above reasons, WM is the market leader and they have rich resources to work on R&D to keep improving their dolls.

On this trip we not only get to check the production of our dolls (orders from Lovelovedolls customers - we regularly visit their factory to make sure our orders are ok). Most notably, we have many in-depth discussions with World Cup manager Jack to plan things. Lovelovedolls will have many working opportunities with WM that other resellers/vendors cannot duplicate. As you can see, every time WM has the latest design, e.g. B. new beautiful doll faces, features such as the radiator and realistic tongue updated. Many other sellers are not eligible to offer these features and designs as early as we do. It's all because of our good record. We will announce more about this in the future.

Let's check out their factory here!

Because WM-Dolls wants to keep the production profile low, we cannot publish too many pictures of the production process. In fact they have two factories and we only visited one of them. However, as you can see from the massive production house above, you will definitely be impressed by how quickly this small manufacturer has grown in just two years. They produce up to hundreds of dolls a month. Sex Dolls is a unique and delicate product that requires highly skilled sculptors, finishing workers and makeup artists to turn into reality.

The secret World Cup can be so massive that it's simple - offering the best quality sex dolls at a very affordable price! They successfully bring together all talented people and bring beautiful looking faces to reality.

Find out about WM Sex Dolls?
I understand that many of you World Cup fans are here. If you have any questions you want to know about WM, please feel free to ask here, either Lovelovedolls will reply you.

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