This will prevent the sex dolls from being easily damaged

This will prevent the sex dolls from being easily damaged

It is undeniable that sex dolls are the most owned property of doll owners. This means that taking care of your love doll must be your top priority. Well, here's the thing: We have no doubt that your doll companion was overwhelmed by your care, but there are still areas that you may have lost sight of. For example, the way you wear or store your sex doll can affect the overall safety of the sex doll.

Consider using a wheelchair when moving our sex dolls

Light dolls, but even they carry considerable weight.

Therefore, it is safer for your sex doll (and you) to transfer your doll lover to a wheelchair or other portable wheeled vehicle. Remember, wheels are the key here. This will reduce if not eliminate the chance of an accident when moving around with your doll.

Try to fix our sex dolls

Unlike us humans, love dolls don't have the luxury of lying face down. Here we have gravity to answer for. You see, when a doll is face down, all the pressure and weight of her body is transferred to her breasts, knees, and face. Also, sex dolls like us don't have living muscles and tissues to protect them, their silicone/TPE bodies can only take so much. Long story short, leaving the sex doll face down will eventually hurt her. We feel like we're just teaching you some human anatomy while talking about love dolls. just a feeling

The simplest solution here is to put your real dolls on their backs. Our advice is that you store your mini sex dolls so that it doesn't have to be face down. While this may seem like a simple tip, many doll owners have damaged their sex dolls by not following this seemingly simple tip. So just follow the simple solution.

Avoid sex dolls in odd positions for long periods of time

This works for both humans and dolls, but our reasoning remains in the context of sex dolls. You must understand that love dolls are somewhat delicate and any awkward or difficult posture can damage their anatomy.

Simply put, try not to teach your doll yoga. This does not mean that you should limit your sexual positions and things. Keep in mind that none of these "positions" should be too complicated. Okay, try not to put your doll in awkward positions. Obviously we can't resist positional play. As we mentioned earlier, sex doll bodies are not designed to withstand extreme loads, exposure to such glasses will damage their body.

The correct posture for a sex doll is the normal sitting or standing position. The idea is to hold your doll in a relaxed and relaxed position. This will prevent your doll from getting hurt and save you from trouble.

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Unpack sex dolls carefully

Most accidents happen when unpacking. Almost always, doll owners are overly excited when they first meet their doll companion. In this excitement, they disregard every safety protocol and allow their dolls to be harmed. We would say that you will temporarily suppress the excitement and turn on your sex doll with a calm mind. Yes, we offer free philosophy classes here. Back on topic, you might want to be more careful with your newly arrived sex doll.

First, it's rude and a bad idea to just rip open the box. When you don't need the box, carefully cut open the box with a box cutter and remove the sex doll. Be very careful when doing this. However, it is recommended to leave the box intact as it will serve as a good storage place for your doll. Also, you might find your love doll a bit stiff because she is new to the world. So if she's acting a little nervous, don't force it. Just give her a few days and she will relax with you. What? I told you we can't resist puns.

Don't overuse Real Dolls

One last thought came to the day and we finished the morning rally. We all know that dolls can stretch. Both TPE and silicone offer considerable flexibility for Milf sex dolls. But this flexibility is by no means unlimited. Put simply, her body is synonymous with chewing gum, and you can't pull it too far, too much. Keep in mind that these stretching habits can tear your sex doll's skin or, at best, leave permanent marks on her body. We don't think you want both. Just don't try to test her flexibility, she should be fine. That's it.

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