Use lube properly when having sex with sex dolls

Use lube properly when having sex with sex dolls

Have you ever dreamed of sex, she accompanies you at night, but you can't find your ideal girlfriend, just lying alone on a cold bed late at night. However, with sex dolls, the whole world will be turned upside down, and life will be like a ray of light streaming into the night, and even rainbows will appear.

The whole world becomes incredibly beautiful, and everything in life seems to be painted in bright colors, instantly changing from black and white to color. You are very lucky and lucky. However, one is still somewhat confused with the application, e.g. B. Should I use lube when having sex with lifelike sex dolls?

Why use lube with sex dolls?

If you think only humans can use lube and dolls can't, you're dead wrong! Why not use lube? Lube works great! Just like using a condom, using lube doesn't work. It can also greatly increase your sexual experience and make your sex process smoother, more passionate and challenging. You should not feel embarrassed about using personal lubricant, nor should you be embarrassed about using personal lubricant.

Since sex dolls are not real women, real women's bodies secrete some vaginal fluid that helps with sliding. But life-size sex dolls do not automatically exude harmless liquids. Although many dolls appear to have introduced the function of exuding fluids, it is not yet widely used. Most real sex dolls cannot secrete liquid.

Since there is no liquid in the doll's body, her vagina is relatively dry. When making love, friction occurs and resistance to each other increases. This frequent rubbing can damage your skin. At the same time, the baby's vagina will not be nourished in time. Too dry and frequent rubbing can cause your baby's vagina to tear. Long-term use can cause a lot of bacteria to grow in the vagina, which will also directly affect your health. The lube contains some dolls holding the TPE or silicone material. The doll's skin will not be so dry, so the sex between you will be more comfortable.

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How to choose the best lubricant for realistic sex dolls?

As with eating and dressing, we often need a process to figure out what we like. Along the way we have to keep trying and the sex dolls are the same. At first we were also confused about which lubricant to choose, but then we found a solution!

To find the perfect lube, we recommend buying a small bottle of water-based lube and trying it out. Just like makeup, many makeup counters will give you samples to try after you've decided if you want to buy them. I tried different lubes until I found the right brand.

Which lubricant for sex with a sex doll?

Since you know that you should use lube when having sex with a love doll, you may be wondering which lube to choose? Which lube will not harm the doll? Lube can be helpful during sex with a sex doll effect. It can help you arouse your doll's enthusiasm. Of course, lubricants of your choice should be used. Our advice to you is that you should only use water based lubes as other lubes can damage your doll. Excessive friction can shorten the life of a sex doll if lube is not used.

Most lubricants are intended for humans and are therefore safe to use on sex doll skin. However, it is important to only use water-based lubes on your silicone dolls. Do not use oil, petroleum or silicone based lubricants as they will damage your doll.

The water-based lubricant is very easy to clean after use and will not harm the doll. Oil and petroleum based lubricants are very water resistant, making them difficult to clean properly. Silicone lubes can actually cause a silicone sex doll silicone to degrade, making the surface porous and unusable, which can damage your sex doll and speed up your sex doll's quality and longevity.


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