What is the difference between one piece and split sex dolls?

What is the difference between one piece and split sex dolls?

Disadvantages of Embedded Sex Dolls

First, the built-in physical real doll is more difficult to clean. When the doll is dirty, it needs to be wrapped around the body to clean different parts. If your love doll is big and heavy, you can imagine this experience. Second, the physical doll's built-in device during use, once damaged or old, cannot be replaced with new parts.

What is the difference between these two types of dolls?

Realdolls with disassembly of the head are manufactured separately from the head and body, and assembled after all manufacturing processes are completed. The one-piece model is a full-size physical doll created by casting the head and body into one mold.

What are the disadvantages of split realdoll?

The biggest difference between the two is whether there is an obvious gap in the doll's neck. The one-piece doll with obvious gaps is the head detachable doll. The body and head are connected by screws and screw holes, and the one-piece doll with no obvious gaps at the neck joint looks more realistic. Of course, the division also has disadvantages. First, it is not as real as the built-in kind in terms of experience. Second, due to the assembly, better skills are required when the baby friend needs to take photos or other purposes. Detachable structure, Repeated disassembly, cleaning and assembly make the sex doll more prone to damage.

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What Are the Benefits of Split Love Dolls?

First, it can make your physical doll more durable. The split type is easy to replace. Once it is damaged or old, you can buy a new one through the normal channels. However, if the fastener parts are damaged, it will cost a lot of money to buy a new physical doll. Second, it is easy to clean and dry. Since the divided parts are detachable, they can be cleaned independently of the one-piece doll by gently washing them in water and drying them inside out.

Third, used physical silicone dolls with shared features are easier to sell because buyers can purchase new parts for the doll. For baby friends who are new to the baby circle, they may consider buying used early adopters from old buyers.

Finally there is versatility. If your physical doll is detachable, it can easily be transformed into a doll with various embedded parts! As you can see, new features for the doll are available at a very affordable price!

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