What is the legal way to inform the love doll website?

What is the legal way to inform the love doll website?

You have been searching for a sex doll to buy and finally found the perfect one for you. She has a beautiful face and body and you can't wait to own her. There's just one problem, you've never heard of the site and you don't know if you're being scammed or not. are they real

Did you know that 90% of sex doll websites sell fake/imitation products? Read this article to spot signs of scams and determine if a site is legit or not.

1. Do not buy from Aliexpress/Alibaba, Ebay or Amazon

The best sex doll brands are NOT sold on marketplace websites like Aliexpress, DHgate, Ebay or Amazon. You will not find reputable brand name dolls on any of these websites. Anyone can sell anything on these sites and 99% of the time the dolls on these sites are cheap imitation dolls that use photos from top brands.

2. Check for legitimate rates

Price is a good indicator of whether a website is trustworthy or not. Sex dolls under $1000 are an obvious sign of scams. The price is attractive, but no legitimate realistic sex doll sells that cheap (unless it's a mini doll). Legitimate TPE sex dolls typically range from $1500-$2000 (depending on the brand and size) and silicone sex dolls range from $2000-$3000.

lovelovedolls is a TDF approved supplier that we trust and their website gives a good idea of ​​how much sex dolls should cost. Their prices are already pretty low, so sites with lower prices than lovelovedolls perform as patchy. Sexy Sex Doll is also a great trusted site to compare prices.

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3. You must display the brand names of the dolls

Most reputable sex doll shops carry several sex doll brands such as WM Doll, 6YE, Piper Doll, etc. The doll's product page should clearly state the doll's brand. If a website doesn't display the doll brand or claims to be the brand, red flags are for not trusting the website. Websites that don't feature the brand typically make or sell imitation dolls.

4. Fast and good customer service

Before making a purchase through any website, always contact customer support first, preferably via email. Most websites have live chat, but they may not always be online. Email them lots of questions and see how quickly and well they respond. It's also great if they have a phone number and you can try calling them. If they respond quickly and with good English/grammar, and are professional and polite, that is a good sign that they can be trusted.

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