What is the way to dress up your love dolls?

What is the way to dress up your love dolls?

Tip 1 wig:

It's easy to buy sex doll wig for height 140cm~165cm. The real wig can be worn by life size sex doll. Many cosplay wigs are cheap and beautiful. And they are easy to buy on the internet. About this wig is good for sex doll. The smaller love doll with a short height of 100~130cm has a small head circumference. It may be more suitable for a child's wig. That's hard to buy. Other mini sex dolls like 80cm, 65cm etc need special sex doll wig. For example: The three pointer wig used by BJD.

165cm Blonde Hot Lady Life Size Sex Doll

Tip 2. Clothing:

The sex doll can directly buy a real women's clothing from a height of 150cm. It must be noted that the shape of the general sex doll is smaller than that of the real woman. You should be careful when buying dress sizes. But different brand has different size. For example, if you wear a brand A, your sex dolls will be a size S. If you wear brand B, the size XS may change due to different versions. The sex doll height 100cm~140cm can be suitable for children's clothes. Children's height is generally divided into children (100~110cm), medium children (110~130cm), large children (130~150cm), etc. They are all exquisite and fashionable. We are sure you will find suitable and favorite sex doll clothes. Mini wave dolls are specialty products like wigs. You can refer to the clothing of BJD three-pointers.

Tip 3 makeup:

TPE sex doll usually uses "Real Cosmetics". But the adhesion is not strong enough. Make-up fades after cleaning or after a long stay. You can do your own makeup or send your love dolls back. Doll House 168 makeover makeover. And we will not charge any fees. But the freight will be paid by you. The special silicone rubber doll uses special pigments. When the makeup was done. Most makeup is not lost. Kind reminder, the performance of makeup is handmade within the gap.

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