What materials are generally used for high quality real sex dolls?

What materials are generally used for high quality real sex dolls?

Before we work with any sex doll manufacturer, we make sure the doll meets strict standards. The bottom line is that the relevant health and safety compliance documentation must be created from scratch, the quality of design and manufacture of hyper realistic sex doll must be second to none, and the brand has a history of excellent customer feedback and needs/reputation must have . The sex doll suppliers that we deal with must be reliable and willing to stand by any issues with the products they sell.

There are a variety of physical and physical love dolls on the market ranging in price from $10,000 to $20,000 and even as high as $35,000. Aside from the processing details, there are also price differences due to the limitations of the materials the sex dolls are made of. Why are physical sex dolls so expensive? Solid silicone dolls are generally solid, which is not the case with inflatable dolls, so the manufacturing cost is high and many postures can be changed. Combining these two things can get very expensive. What materials are commercial physical sex dolls made of?

Chloe-160cm Sexy Big Breasts Adult Love Doll Silicone Head Tpe Body

Physical dolls are mainly made of TPE and silicone materials

TPE: Since the structure of silicone is very similar to skin tissue, it can stimulate and maintain body temperature very quickly. Because of this, silicone sex doll sex toys are favored by the market and gaining popularity. Erotic toys made from this material typically cost $20-30 or more. High quality solid silicone sex dolls are more durable than rubber and can be used to make more fun things like cock rings, vibrating balls and even sex dolls.

Gel Material: Gel is probably the cheapest raw material to make cheap sex dolls at a fraction of the price of silicone. Wash with mild soap and warm water, dry and store in a cool, dry place, especially away from other adult dolls. Only use water-based lubricants!

Glass: This isn't the type of glass you might be thinking of, it's Pyrex. Glass toy is perhaps the most expensive material for luxury adult sex dolls, but it does not wear out, which makes it very beautiful and suitable for every user. Different sensations of heat (immersed in warm water) or cold may occur during use.

The raw materials for adult toys are constantly updated and can be leather, transparent plastic, resin, titanium or other materials. This means that the pleasures of sex will continue to increase in the endless imagination. Our beautiful Mantang Play sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE, Anime Entity premium sex doll is a material that not only has the same feeling as human body, but also non-allergic, environmentally friendly, clean and precise! Your perfect choice!


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