Why do people buy more than one sex doll?

Why do people buy more than one sex doll?

Question: Why do some men have more than one sex doll? Answer: Everyone has different moods, preferences and things they like at certain points in their lives. The variety of our range of sex dolls ensures that men can find exactly what they want. Some days they might fancy a slim doll with big eyes and blond hair; next they want a curvaceous brunette. As a result, they have more than one doll - and frankly, why not? With a real sex doll, you don't have to worry about monogamy or cheating, so you can always have a different favorite depending on your particular needs. The ability to change things up and be with someone "different" is one of the great benefits of sex dolls. Question: Why are sex dolls so expensive?

Answer: Real sex dolls are exquisitely made, often to custom specifications. That costs money, which is reflected in the selling price. Sure, you can buy cheap real sex dolls if you want, but they're low quality, which means you just won't enjoy them like you would with a real sex doll. A lot of research and development goes into making sex dolls that offer a true, realistic experience that is fun again and again. The dolls are also designed to last. When you combine the extensive research, build quality, and customization process, any good sex doll will come at a price, but you'll definitely think it's worth it!

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Question: How are real sex dolls cleaned?

Answer: We've covered this in detail here, so read through, but you'll be pleased to know that the process is actually very simple.

Question: Can sex dolls be put in different positions?

Answer: Absolutely! If you can imagine a position, your sex doll's skeleton will be able to handle it. The only limit is your imagination!

Question: Does a real doll affect my libido towards interactions with women?

Answer: This is rather subjective. What most men find is that they have achieved a different kind of satisfaction with their real sex doll compared to interactions with women. With a sex doll, you can just focus on yourself and have a good time, which can be liberating. You shouldn't find that your desire and ability to sleep with women is remotely affected by using a sex doll, especially if you have a high sex drive anyway.

Question: Why are sex dolls becoming more common?

Answer: 1) Society generally accepts sexual products and behaviors in general. 2) Sex dolls offer a truly pleasurable experience that helps many men control their libido and increase their sexual satisfaction. It is really that easy!

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