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There are generally two different types of depression: Unipolar depression, which only shows symptoms of depression. Bipolar depression, in which the symptoms of depression are replaced with hypomania or mania. However, there are many other types of depression in these two categories, such as:


retrospective depression
secondary depression
menopausal depression
seasonal depression

Identify different types of depression

What is unipolar depression?
Unidirectional depression, also known as major depression or clinical depression, is an illness that occurs when a person experiences sadness, anger, depression, loss, and/or guilt related to daily life. These symptoms can last for weeks or even months. This represents a simple form of depression. If one or more manias occur during depression, it cannot be classified as unidirectional depression.
How does it feel to be depressed

There are two stages of bipolar depression: the depressed stage and the manic stage. During depression, the symptoms are very similar to those of unidirectional depression. During the manic phase, the body experiences euphoric emotions, active thoughts, reduced need for sleep, excitement, excitement, impulsive behavior, and increased energy levels. The two stages switch each other and different people switch at different speeds.

Bipolar disorder is a serious illness that can easily be inherited. Many patients require medication for life.
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Looking for traces of depressive energy

This is a very serious form of depression that usually requires hospitalization and anti-energy medication.

Symptoms of psychiatric depression may include anxiety, agitation, insomnia, hypochondria, mental retardation, inability to move, hallucinations, or delusions.

retrospective depression

Reflexive depression is a form of clinical depression caused by specific social and psychological stress (stress events) such as the death of family members, divorce, leisure time or other serious current events. Symptoms include feelings of sadness and disappointment, exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, and suicidal self-harm.

Identify the signs of menopausal depression
Menopausal depression is depression that occurs during or after menopause. Women with a history of depression are more likely to have depression. Symptoms include feelings of interest or disinterest in daily activities, sadness or disappointment, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, and altered appetite.
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seasonal depression

Seasonal depression (SAD) is a type of depression that develops during specific times of the year, usually in winter when there is less sunlight. It changes with the seasons, showing signs of moodiness and lack of vitality. Treatment for SAD sometimes includes phototherapy (phototherapy).

It should be noted that different types of depression and illnesses of different degrees often show different differences in the course of treatment. For example, depression can also be classified as mild, moderate, and severe, with a tendency toward mild to moderate Speech therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and nature therapy, while treatment of major depressive disorder medications has a greater impact on gender.

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