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Having sex with sex dolls is a healthy sex life

Sex is the skin activator and the best beautician

1. Sex is the skin activator and the best beautician
When women are in a state of arousal during sex, the body catalyzes the elimination of estrogen in large quantities, and its specific receptors bind to stimulate the cells to produce hyaluronidase and estrogen, which increases skin permeability, improves moisture levels and protects the skin full spring The female looks more radiant and slender, the skin is moist and beautiful, and the skin is white and reddish. Sex exercises the muscles of the whole body, accelerates blood circulation, balances the old and brings out the new, enhances the beauty of the skin, and effectively prevents skin aging, so sex is the best beautician. They have sex with life size sex doll and have a healthy sex life.

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2. Sex promotes calorie loss, prevents obesity, and maintains slimness

Sex and food represent two different ways for humans to meet the body's natural needs. Sexual satisfaction can help suppress abnormal appetite. Plus, sex helps burn calories. According to surveys, a warm kiss burns 12 calories, and 10 minutes of love and compassion can burn 50 calories. Even when sex is at its slowest, a guest burns 200 calories an hour. When he is very passionate and exciting, he can burn 418 calories, 1045 joules in one hour. The calories are equivalent to burning 11 calories or 27 grams of fat.
Although sex is the best fitness exercise, it is certainly the most enjoyable exercise method. It can naturally promote heat dissipation, consume energy, exercise the body and mind, prevent obesity, and stick to a good path of a slim body.

3. Sex helps you fall asleep and improves sleep quality

Modern sex studies have found that sex is a huge depressant. The more perfect and exciting the sex, the easier it will be to fall asleep in the future. The physical work and emotional high of sex are the perfect motor for dreams. Sex increases, muscles bleed more, after the body relaxes nerves and excitement, passionate and unrestrained sex, after sex, the muscles need to be stretched in fatigue, when the mood is relaxed, the mind relaxes, and the sex partner can sleep peacefully respect and love , fall asleep slowly, improve sleep quality.

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