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How a love doll can make you climax during sex

In modern society, whether at home or abroad, whether in China or the West, even in relatively open countries, it is always easy to speak of “sex” for reasons such as tradition and religion. In fact, "sex" is like eating and drinking water. A sex addict is like a person who eats a lot. He can only eat white rice at a time, or he can eat different foods. However, we rarely eat again when we're full, and sex addicts can't help but fill their mouths.

Sex addicts can have all sorts of "sex" thoughts in their heads from time to time, whether it's at a work meeting, on the bus, or hanging out with friends. Maybe I can't wait to get started on this. Masturbate in the bathroom or in public when there is no other person to have sex with. At this time, lifelike sex dolls fully embody the meaning.

Sex itself is meant to give people pleasure, but is disrupted by one's work, life, and interpersonal relationships. They have become sex slaves, not sex masters.
Of course, not only are they obsessed with the sexual process, aroused by "plans" and "imaginations," they are also plagued by "shame" and "guilt."

fat sex doll

What causes sex addiction

It is commonly believed that sex addiction is an overly common sexual behavior caused by physical, psychological, familial, and social factors. Physiological factors are generally caused by endocrine diseases or drugs. However, some researchers believe that the physiological factors behind sex addiction lie beyond the proper category of "sex impulse control disorder."

In fact, a Cambridge University study found that people with compulsive sexual behavior have the same brain regions as people who have previously been diagnosed with drug addiction — both in terms of rewards and motivation. Thus, the consensus in the academic community is that sex addiction is “a person who is insecure, seeks stimulation, and is evaluating their worth.” (not absolute)

In general, sex addicts are not only addicted to sex itself, but also to contact and emotions. So there are sex addiction clubs in the USA. Sex addicts are more likely to get their emotional needs met through sex. According to data provided by the group, some people lack a clear boundary between sex and relationships, forcing themselves to get into emotional or sexual relationships, leading to their own psychological anxiety. Some people can become more anxious because they are unable to reach orgasm due to excessive sex or other reasons. One of the great advantages of love dolls is that you can reach orgasm with any gender.

American sex therapist and marriage counselor Matty Klein said, "I'm not going to diagnose sex addiction lightly. People with these tendencies are basically struggling with these psychological problems at the same time: OCD, impulsivity, OCD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder."
Therefore, in addition to physical drug factors, the so-called sex addiction may be more related to childhood experiences and changes experienced. However, each person's situation is different, so needs vary from person to person.


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