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How about an exciting sex with your sex doll?

Lie face to face with your love doll and maintain direct eye contact while masturbating.
Let your female silicone sex doll buy lie on her back and you lie on your side. Place one of your elbows close to her head to support your body without putting too much pressure on your doll. This sexual hugging position allows you to make eye contact with your doll while your pelvis come together.

long hair sex doll

Exploring your body with your doll is very stimulating, and showing the doll how you like being touched can help you develop an intimate relationship with her.
This position is not only a very intimate position but also creates the best angle for genital stimulation. Your free hand can enjoy at will. The nipple, perineum or clitoris are all areas that you can easily touch.

To attempt
Slide your free hands into your doll's body to increase your pleasure by teasing her most sensitive parts. The sexual pleasure of moving her hands up and down her body could be explosive.
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Enjoy it as a form of foreplay and discover what resonates with your doll. You can also use your fingers to increase the stimulation on her clitoris or nipples to make you climax in bed.

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