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How does it feel to use a TPE sex doll?

What is TPE? TPE is sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubber. It is a class of copolymers, or a physical blend of polymers (usually plastic and rubber) composed of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE is widely used in the automotive and household appliance sectors. Surely you can find TPE material in some products at home. It has characteristics like flexibility, malleability, and soft texture that make TPE one of the best options to make hyper realistic sex doll at an affordable price.

tpe sex doll

Advantages of full size TPE sex dolls

1. Lifelike experience
Just like a real woman standing in front of you. Touch your skin with your fingertips and you will admire the soft, elastic, comfortable and lifelike experience of the TPE skin. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, some modern real dolls are equipped with heat sensors that can replicate the skin temperature of the actual human body. With fully hinged stainless steel skeleton and flexible joints, the dolls can take any sex position for you, just like real people.

2. Completely safe
Worst of all, some of you are allergic to the sex dolls you bought. To protect you from such frustration, we choose FDA certified medical grade TPE material from top sex doll brands like WM Doll, YL, SE etc. It is safe for everyone as it doesn't contain any dangerous chemicals that can cause allergic reaction. Feel free to kiss and hug your love doll. You can even sleep in your bed together without worrying about rashes.

3. Odor free
TPE material sex dolls are totally odor free which are made for those who abhor plastic scents. You can also get her a pleasant water-based perfume that will make you want more from her. (Note: Please remember to confirm if you are not allergic to the water-based lube or baby powder.)

4. Affordable
Normally, the cost of TPE sex dolls is relatively cheaper than silicone. When you buy your realistic sex dolls at you will always find something within your budget. You can even get your favorite lifelike sex doll at a super low price of $850. And what, our range of luxury sex dolls are also reasonably priced.

1. TPE stains easily due to its absorbent nature. We recommend that you wear colorless or light-colored clothing for your TPE sex doll instead of dark materials.
2. For your health and to maintain your love doll's durability, you need to take care of the TPE sex dolls frequently, especially in areas like mouth, anus and vagina after use. Otherwise, it would become blotchy or develop mold and eventually lose its shape, strength, and good looks.

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