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How to care for the hair of the love doll?

In general, buying Chubby Sex Doll with long or short hair depends on your preferences. However, if you don't fully understand the characteristics of these two hair types, you may not be able to properly set your preference. This blog explains in detail the pros and cons of both hair styles so you can buy a hairstyle that really suits your doll.

What is easier to take care of?

When it comes to hair care, short hair is actually easier than long hair. Firstly, short hair does not require extra time to comb, and it is very easy to wash and blow dry. However, long hair tends to get tangled and messy, so it requires more cleaning steps and frequent combing to keep it in good condition.
If you are too busy or not good at grooming, then obviously long hair is not for you. Otherwise you will find your exquisite real dolls with messy hair!

Japanese sex doll

What is more open to different hairstyles?

Many doll owners like to try different hairstyles on their dolls to make them look different, and long hair has more options in this regard. For dolls with long hair, you can braid the hair or cut it short for your doll. In short, long hair can be transformed into any hairstyle style you want. For short hair there are a few new styles you can try but very limited. This means that you have to buy different wigs several times to give your love doll freshness.

Long or short hair, each has its pros and cons. Taking care of long hair may sound tedious, but many doll owners are used to grooming and enjoy it. They simplify the wig care process and share their experiences with many doll lovers.

There is no absolute winner. The only purpose is to let you really understand the characteristics of these two hairs before you buy them, and then choose a suitable wig for your doll based on your own situation and preferences.

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