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Silicone Sex Dolls Best Rubber Sexy Doll For Sale

Silicone Sex Doll are made up of silicon elements, and basically silicon does not belong to any plastic or rubber.

Advantages of Realistic Silicone Sex Doll

The raw materials (platinum silica gel, liquid, two liquids A and B) are mixed and agitated, poured into a cavity and chemically reacted at room temperature to form the final mold.

In the olden days, the most flexible material was TPE. However, with many years of development, silicon has become much more flexible and can be said to be "more flexible than TPE."
2.Pull rate
Tensile ratio is the ability to stretch a material from its original length to many times its original length. The tensile ratio is 10 times, that is, if a 1 cm TPE can be stretched to 10 cm, it will break. Today's silicon has been improved so far, and the pull rate will have increased.
3.Resistant to tearing
Unlike "tear" and "break", "tear resistance" here is resistance to external damage caused by sharp or dull objects. Silicon has a weak resistance, which is also a caveat. Be careful not to tear it into sharp or dull objects.
4. Odor
The silicone material itself is believed to be odorless. Silicon sex doll are not heated during processing, so they do not smell. If anything, silicone love dolls don't smell.
5. Aging rate
Silicon does not age as much as TPE by nature. This is the advantage of silicon itself. Speaking of which, silicone sex dolls will also have a slow aging rate.
6. Ability to represent details
The quality of the Sex Doll Silicone is determined by the processing of details. What determines the details? The density. Since the density of silicon is higher than that of TPE, it can be said that the details and quality are excellent.
7.Easy to make up
Compared to TPE dolls, Silocone sex doll have higher makeup adhesion and can better show the richness and realism of the doll's face and body makeup.
8. Resistant to deformation
Real Silicone Sex Dolls is also superior to TPE Doll in this respect. For example, if both are slightly deformed, the silcone sex doll is more likely to return to its normal shape than the TPE.
9. Oils and fats
For some time after production is complete, the dolls are to some extent both silicone and TPE oils and fats. The difference is that white oil is added to T.P.E, and silicone oil is added to the silicone. However, since our silicone materials have been improved, not only have they become softer, but oil has also been significantly reduced.

Buy Silicone Sex Dolls 2023

Silicone is the best material for making sex dolls. Silicon has a longer service life than TPE. It has incomparable advantages in both touch and appearance. Maybe silicon sex doll are more expensive, but you will get a perfect silicone wife. Imagine you can put a rubber sex doll in your bedroom, have a romantic candlelight dinner with her, and have a vigorous sex game. Come and customize the real silicone love doll of your dreams.

Do you want to have a fulfilling sex life without a serious relationship, or do you just want to incorporate a third party into your erotic fantasies? Of course you need a sex doll. There are many reasons why many people are encouraged to buy sex dolls. It should be noted that this only concerns single men, men who want to spice up their married life will also get this cheap silicone sex dolls.

When it comes to why a person should buy a very lifelike doll, research shows that regular sexual activity can offer a variety of benefits. Also, full silicone sex doll will satisfy all desires. This involves absolutely everyone from all walks of life, all profiles and all social classes. The realistic dolls available in our store are handcrafted and unique in appearance. Unleash your imagination and quickly order your sex dolls.

What is sex with a best silicon sex dolls like?

Your lifelike silicone doll is so realistic that it mimics a real woman. Your skin is silky smooth and the feel, the grip of the body, is real. You'll also quickly notice that realistic sex dolls silicone have good weight. She's a lot lighter than a real person, but enough to make you feel like you're having sex with a real person.

Silicone likes to be stored at room temperature, a little longer than TPE material, which is also used in dolls. If you bathe with a silicon doll, it will stay warm longer. Conversely, so does the cold. If you like to sleep with the windows open, it will get cooler in the morning, just like your bedroom.

The amorous openings of silicone aldult doll will bring you great fun. Best of all, the mouth and vulva are visually realistic and come close comfortably. The real fun of warming up your lubricant!

Thanks to the flexible internal skeleton, your silicone life size sex doll can do almost anything a human can do. If you're supporting all your weight on your wrists only and your legs are unusually wide apart, caution is advised. This may cause damage. Use handling aids in certain locations. Pillows or cushions support the doll's storage space.

Full body sex silicone doll: faithful companions

Not being in love doesn't mean the company of an attractive woman isn't appreciated. A real silicone doll brings both a physical and a spiritual presence. As part of the naughty game, the love doll can thus be your eternal companion.

Since men place so much importance on a woman's appearance, they find it difficult to find the perfect woman in the real world. Considered the aesthetically perfect female, silicon sex doll can fulfill your dreams of having sex without a condom. In this case, if you're looking for the ideal woman that doesn't exist in the real world, you can create it through a doll.

Adult Dolls that add realism

Although casting dolls come in different materials, no material can match silicone in terms of fidelity. In fact, the realism of these materials is amazing, both in terms of touch and sexual use. Up close, they still look just as real. In fact, some models have blue eyes and red hair.

With their really soft mouths, you can kiss her. She can also play the role of a porn actress, a penis sucker. Some lifelike silicone doll sex even have realistic tongues. They feature calibrated orifices for maximum feel. Their breasts are soft and the same as real breasts, the female body.